BRED Espace Banque Privée: the expert bank for non-residents

As a non-resident, it is important to find a bank that is adapted to your needs and is familiar with the issues specific to living abroad.

BRED Espace Banque Privée, ranked the best private bank in France in 2022*, offers privileged support, externally, by expert advisors in wealth matters for French citizens living abroad.

Thomas Girault, director of BRED Espace Banque Privée, tells us more.

*for the 4th edition of the Heritage and Performance Summit Can you tell us about BRED Espace Banque Privée? What is its main mission?

Thomas Girault, director of BRED Espace Banque Privée : Bred Espace Banque Privée is a BRED Espace unit dedicated to high net worth clients.

Today, Bred Espace Banque Privée consists of a team of 10 bankers, which includes both private advisers and wealth advisers. The private advisor works with clients who have assets of between €50,000 and €200,000. In addition to €200,000, the wealth advisor takes over.

Since Bred Espace is BRED’s online bank, we have to work externally with customers all over the world.

What support do you offer French people living abroad?

We offer a global offer to residents and non-residents, which aims to meet all our customers’ needs.

First of all, with our “day-to-day banking” service, we manage our customers’ accounts (payment methods, access to online accounts, via BRED’s website and mobile application, etc.).

However, the differentiating criterion for BRED Espace is that, in addition to being an online bank, we also offer each of our customers follow-up by a dedicated adviser. This is a great added value compared to our competitors.

We also offer our customers, residents and foreigners, financing solutions (mortgage loans, private loans, etc.). This is a big part of our business because many of our clients, especially foreign clients, have a strong financial capacity and want to carry out investment projects in France.

We are able to offer financing both in our own name and through e.g. SCIs or asset holding companies.

We also offer support in the form of savings, with the special feature of working in an open architecture. This allows us to offer both our own and other partners’ products. In this way, our customers benefit from an exhaustive offer that meets all investment horizons, in the short, medium and long term: savings account, life insurance, securities accounts, etc.

We mainly work remotely with our clients (email, phone, Visio, WhatsApp, etc.), but we also offer them the opportunity to receive them occasionally at our headquarters in Paris, during their visit to France.

What is your knowledge at BRED Espace Banque Privée about the issues specific to non-residents?

BRED Espace Banque Privée advisers are experts in non-residents.

When we advise our non-resident clients about the savings solutions available, we take into account the particularities of their country of tax residence and any restrictions or exclusions that apply locally. Depending on the country, the range of products will therefore be different.

We also rely on the expertise of our wealth engineering advisers, who have excellent knowledge of international taxation and the special circumstances of the individual countries from a legal, tax and wealth perspective.

We truly establish a personal relationship with our customers. We carefully analyze the situation of non-residents, identify their needs and explain to them the legal and tax issues involved in the transactions they may carry out. Then we offer them tailor-made solutions, adapted to their situation and their goals.

What is your wealth management advice for non-residents?

First of all, it is important to surround yourself with professionals (private banker, notary, lawyer, etc.). In fact, asset management as a non-resident is a very complex subject that presents many specificities and requires solid expertise.

This is important to know the impact of the various intended transactions and to protect oneself against tax risks, which are sometimes very harmful, especially in the case of closing or redeeming savings contracts.

That is why, before offering a savings product to an expatriate client, we always make sure to identify his investment horizon and his medium- and long-term project.

What are the main strengths of BRED Espace Banque Privée for non-resident clients?

One of our great strengths is being able to offer, in addition to the advantages of an online bank, support from a private banker, a privileged and long-term contact to our customers.

BRED Espace Banque Privée also has a team of experts who have a perfect knowledge of non-residents and an exhaustive range of products adapted to foreign clients.

Finally, we are able to offer financing solutions to non-residents, by offering them the possibility to obtain financing in foreign currency, which few French banks are able to do today.

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