5 offices for smaller space and remote work

Many companies have adopted telecommuting since the health crisis. Good news for some, less good news for others, as some employees sometimes find themselves working from their bed, their kitchen table or on their couch. An installation that is not very comfortable in the long run and which is often connected to a lack of space… Here is a selection of offices with the right dimensions for remote work that will find a place in your home.

Our selection of desks for small spaces:

  1. Own wall desk, Herdasa
  2. Rolling Laptop Desk, Yaheetech
  3. Computer table with storage shelves, GIKPAL
  4. Folding office table, Dripex
  5. Sit-Stand Desk and Desk Lift, Standsome

Own wall desk, Herdasa

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An office in the air, it is immediately easier to work without losing space! This wall-mounted desk is perfect for small spaces. This desk with practical dimensions of 35 x 90 x 25 cm allows you to save space on the floor. Just add a seat and get started. It can be used as a support or as an entrance cabinet. Note, it will be necessary to drill the wall to install it!

  • Available in different colors
  • Space-saving and large area for the desk

  • Must be drilled into the wall for installation
  • Don’t bend over

Rolling Laptop Desk, Yaheetech

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A compact desk suitable for small spaces that has a drawer, a storage shelf and space for a printer. Perfect for remote work at home without taking up too much space. This small, compact desk has wheels so it can be moved around the house. It saves space because it is less than 60 cm wide. You can even use it from the sofa!

  • The wheels to move it
  • Multiple uses with drawer and shelves
  • Easy to install

  • A practical desk, but a little fragile

Computer desk with storage shelves, GIKPAL

Two in one for this desk, which can also be used as a shelf. Unlike other desks, it cannot be moved. This desk is practical as it has a side shelf for storing books and knick-knacks. It is stable and solid with interesting dimensions ‎60 x 120 x 75 cm. It is a bit heavy though.

  • Its practical shelf for storage
  • The size of its table
  • A non-slip desk

Folding office table, Dripex

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If you do not use the desk often, it is a good idea to invest in a foldable desk. This means that it can be stored in a corner after use, so that you avoid getting cluttered with a desk that is no longer used when the working day is over. This office table with dimensions of 80 x 45 x 74 cm allows you not to waste too much space with a desk at home, as you can just put it away. It is easy and practical to use and professionally designed.

  • A non-slip foldable desk
  • Easy and practical
  • 15 seconds to install

  • The board is a bit flimsy

Sit-Stand Desk and Desk Lift, Standsome

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Very original, this office accessory looks like a briefcase. It allows you to sit comfortably as it is adjustable. This is a desk adjustment for working standing without hurting your back. With 57 cm in height, 50 cm in width and 49-60 cm in depth, this desk can be used both sitting and standing! It weighs only 5 kilos and can be adapted to any room or table.

  • Ideal for ergonomics
  • Solid, as it carries up to 7 kilos
  • Easy and practical

  • It is added to an existing table
  • A bit expensive depending on use

How to choose a desk for a small space?

To choose a desk for remote work when you lack space, tips are possible. First, check the area where you want to install the desktop. There can be a piece of wall to put an extra piece of furniture on, or you can perfectly attach it to the wall!

For your future office, do not forget to choose a well-lit room so as not to tire your eyes and a fairly quiet place. Also think about the office chair of the future, which must be ergonomic and practical for easy storage so as not to make a mess. Finally, the robustness of the desk and the quality of the materials or the price are important elements in the choice.

Le Parisien Le Guide accompanies you in your shopping

The consumer experts at Le Parisien Le Guide help you with a comparison of several offices for remote work by size, price and design. You will also find useful information for your future office and to be helped with your choice.

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