A car specially equipped to transport people in wheelchairs

The company Adapt’Services presents a Peugeot Partner on its stand, which is equipped to accommodate a person in a wheelchair in the back thanks to a smart pneumatic system combined with a ramp. The front passenger seat is also designed to allow easier access to the cabin.

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To At first glance, it’s just an ordinary Peugeot Partner. But all you have to do is open the tailgate to see that this vehicle, on display at the Adapt’Service stand at the show, has undergone profound changes in the cabin. “There was a stripping of the rear end and we had an air suspension installed in the backexplains Pascal Sombart, manager of the company Adapt’Services, which was created in 2004 in Matougues and was based for six years in Cormontreuil. It is mounted on air cushions, which allow the body to be lowered approximately ten centimeters. » There is also an electrically unfolded ramp.

“This car can accommodate five people, including one in a wheelchair”

Everything is done to facilitate the fitting of the person in a wheelchair:

There are four approved restraint straps and an automatic retractor to lift the chair up. » Press a button and jump, the disabled person is carefully towed. It sits in a central position just behind the two rear seats before being secured with a sliding three-point harness.

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Aurelien Laudy

“Thanks to the pneumatic system, the attitude is constant, regardless of the load on the vehicle”, specifies the manager of Adapt’Services. Before adding: “There is no specific driver’s license. This car can accommodate five people, including one in a wheelchair. » The changes are also up front with a passenger seat “electrical output pivot” of Swedish design: “It is very convenient to get in and out of the vehicle. » A welcome invention for the mobility impaired.

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Aurelien Laudy

As well as for carers, often elderly, who thus avoid back strain. These changes may apply to several types of MPV, such as the Renault Kangoo, or even larger models. These transformations have a significant cost: “It takes about 14,000 euros for the payout and the air suspension, and between 4 and 5,000 euros for the outgoing swivel seat” announces Pascal Sombart. Nice sums. Fortunately, there are several forms of support available to finance the conversions or to purchase a suitable vehicle. The market is doing well, to hear Pascal Sombart:

Every year someone buys me the demonstration car that I bring to the fair. » And if it’s not for sale, the partner it presents this year can be rented:

It is to meet temporary needs, such as transporting a person with a disability to a wedding or a weekend away. It is important for an issue of inclusion. »

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