which magic model will you choose for your home?

Do you live in a studio or is your house quite small? Confused about which table to choose from the sea of ​​sublime choices? And you no longer know where to turn and want to find the inspiration you need? We are here to help you get out of this mess! Interior design is a fascinating subject, and how we choose to decorate our homes says a lot about us. In addition, the style we choose can affect our mental health either negatively or positively. So if you’re looking for smart ideas for a small space table, you’ve come to the right place! Scroll to find out more!

Which table for a small space?

Today we will show you three types of tables, and one of them may actually be the missing piece of the puzzle in your small living room or kitchen. We have selected the best types of tables so you can get an idea of ​​what is trendy and practical. FYI: If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry. You can still go to flea markets and Emmaus looking for your treasure. Because in fact, there are often vintage items in good condition at a ridiculously low price! Enough talk, let’s go!

Round coffee table in wood

round coffee table

A wooden table is robust and a good investment. Of course, if you’re strapped for cash but desperately need a new piece of furniture… Then it can be tempting to pick up the cheapest plastic table on the market and stop there. However, be aware that plastic ages very badly and you will need a new table soon. The shape is also important. Round tables are not only aesthetically pleasing and super trendy right now, but they adapt perfectly to small spaces.

epoxy resin board

Epoxy resin tables have been all the rage in recent years and their popularity has never waned. If you want something original and beautiful, go to Etsy and choose from the many designers who specialize in making them.

Small storage unit

coffee table with storage

Extra storage is essential when it comes to small spaces. You can of course get a table without drawers. But if you really want to decorate smartly, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of this idea. Why not buy a table with space for books, keys, your laptop etc. This way you don’t have to clean up the mess every week, but you can gently wipe your table while your things are neatly put away.

IKEA small room table

ikea small space table

If you’re on the hunt for a dining table, why not check out what’s new at IKEA Autumn 2022? On one side the table Sandsberg costs the remarkable sum of €34.99! Its woody and metallic appearance will fit perfectly into an industrial interior.

Norden IKEA drop-leaf table

On the other hand, here is a very smart table model that folds up when you no longer need it. This way you have all the space you need to pass and do what you want and then eat when you want! On the other side the table The North costs more than the last one (€229).

So now that we’ve seen what the best shapes are, here are some designs you might like and take inspiration from. Scroll through the photo gallery for more great designs for small space tables!

Photo gallery: table idea for small space

trendy decoration 2023


Coffee table with small space: The glass gives the illusion of space.

living room cozy decoration

Round folding kitchen table: another space-saving trick.

table idea for small space

Which table will you choose?

small coffee table for small space

Why not use one as a coffee table AND a dining table?

small rectangular coffee table

A DIY idea: find a new life for your baskets.

small room study

Epoxy resin furniture is always trendy!

designer coffee table

Wood is a durable material and adapts to any interior.

small coffee table

Small kitchen island / kitchen table? Yes please!

table for small kitchen space

Did you know that you can find sublime items at the flea market? Oh yes!

table for small space

Deco trend 2022-2023: Marble is a really good investment for your home.

living room trend 2022

The DeaVita team wishes you a good day!

small space folding table

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