Vierzon Youth Space has found its audience, 16 – 25 year olds

Espace jeunes opened two years ago, Place de la Résistance, and has found its place in the city and its audience, 16-25 year olds. Here they have a wide range of services, welcomed in warm rooms with natural light and wooden furniture.
Reception, meeting and entertainment rooms as well as a computer area are available to them. And in addition to the location, there is a complete restructuring of the municipality’s youth policy, which has been carried out taking into account the expectations of this age group, young people and young people, that a middle school student center has been set up for the youngest.

“We have moved from a leisure culture to support”

“The idea was to innovate with new proposals, to give more to the young”, explains Maryvonne Roux, deputy mayor, delegate for health and youth, and recalls that “it was an obligation of the municipalities’ campaign in 2020”.
The change of location made it possible to bring together the youth service that was previously spread over three places (the House of Professional Cultures, the “base”, rue des Ponts and the Clos-du-Roy quarter). It was accompanied by a new way of addressing young people. “There was a need and a lack,” says Corinne Ollivier, mayor of Vierzon. Orientation, the right to housing or European mobility are among the themes concerning these young adults.

The new Espace jeunes has just opened its doors in Vierzon

“We have gone from a culture of leisure to one of support,” explains Nicolas Alvès, manager of the Youth Room since last May. Surrounding him is a “motivated” team, the two elected officials emphasize, who help young people carry out their projects, individually or collectively. They have a new coworking space called Infolab, where a wider audience of 15 to 30-year-olds can find tools, advice and specific support. This place will be inaugurated in October.
And if the Covid period has slowed down the projects a little, the Youth Room has still been able to welcome people by appointment at the Youth Information Center (PIJ), to respond to inquiries regarding all aspects of daily life (studies, work, health, housing, sports, culture, etc.) . And present the initiatives that the city has implemented for them with funding: youth work camp, Bafa scholarship and Summer Citizen.
Since October 2021, the first actions launched, often with partners (read below), have resonated well with young people. These meetings will be renewed for the period 2022/2023.

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Practice. Youth Square, place de la Résistance, reception at PIJ, every day from 1.30pm to 6.30pm; Wednesday at 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Access to activities with subscription to the Youth Pass.

A first season of events, in 2021/2022

These meetings, which have found their audience, will for the most part be repeated this year with the ambition to expand them and attract more young people.
student day. On 14 October 2021, 173 first-year post-baccalaureate students were welcomed to B3. The goal is to double this number with the opening of new higher education. “It is first and foremost a welcome,” says Corinne Ollivier. The opportunity to create links, meet partners (schools, schools, connected campus and municipalities) and discover the city for newcomers.
Action Road prevention. On March 21, 2022, 473 final and post-baccalaureate students, high school students and the connected campus participated in workshops at Vaillant High School.
Trade week. From April 2 to 7, 185 young people were welcomed by Pôle emploi, Mission locale, Orec18 and companies at Espace jeunes. There will be more employers and schools this year. “We have a lot of requests,” clarifies Nicolas Alves. 80 to 90 job offers should be offered and 6 or 7 alternately, in a larger location, in the form of a village.
Japan Tour Vierzon. Great success for a first edition, in collaboration with Local 16-30, Eighteen Gaming and CRIJ of Orleans, It took place on April 15 at Espace jeunes with 373 participants. At the end of the year, the event will be associated with Jeux en fête.
Sesame project. In May, 18 young people benefited from this device, carried by Francas, which facilitates access to jobs in sports and animation.
Excited. On 8 June, 14 young people completed a nutrition and sports program with the Nutrition Pole and the Sports Pole.
Welcome country. On June 24, 300 people attended a festive and culinary event, with ALF and the Marteau company.
Original Cup. On July 9, 60 young people signed up for sporting events (basketball, football and hockey).
Festive evening. On July 29, the 400, young people and families, gathered at Jacques-Brel.
Summer camp. 7 young people aged 17 and 18 traveled in July to Lattes (Hérault).
Stay young from the Twin Cities. From July 27 to August 6, a dozen young Germans, Poles and Britons were welcomed by young people from Vierzon. A return for the summer of 2023 in one of the twin cities should be proposed. The two elected representatives, Corinne Ollivier and Maryvonne Roux, are convinced that “it is an open mind for young Vierzonnais to go to other places and see what they have here, with the eyes of others”.

On the agenda

Infolab: Coworking space

It is dedicated to the development of youth projects and will be inaugurated in October.

Student day: 20 October. Second edition, with partners, at La Décale.

Play in party and Japan Tour Vierzon: in December. Two fun events gathered in the Congress Centre.

Professional development evening: in February 2023. Presentation of courses, high-level athletes and various professions, in the Youth Room.

Road prevention action: in March 2023. Awareness workshops, in the city centre.

Trades Village: in April 2023. Job offers, training, work studies, summer jobs… In the Congress Centre.

Health sports campaign: in May 2023. Day linked to the Agisanté program (sport, dietetics, self-esteem).

Student day: in July 2023. To end the year!

Veronique Petreau

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