Find out why a coworking space has opened in Treigny-Perreuse-Sainte-Colombe

A small sign appeared a few weeks ago, on the facade of 1, rue du Pont Pont, in Treigny. It designates the new coworking space, joint work in French, created by the municipality, in the former doctor’s office, and open to individuals, professionals and associations.

“There was a demand for offices, professional premises, in the city, explains Christiane Lemoine, deputy mayor, who piloted the case with Lise Bruneau, municipal council member. We had planned to renovate this building. that the opening of a co-working space was an interesting destination .

Three work rooms, a relaxation room…

Especially since it doesn’t require a big investment.” The municipality bought six tables, a dozen chairs, renovated the walls and installed kitchen furniture; it had an Internet connection installed with Wi-Fi repeaters in every room.” It cost a few thousand euros”, comments Christiane Lemoine. A small courtyard will be set up in the coming weeks.

The coworking space extends over the ground floor of the building and can accommodate ten people. It has three workspaces (two shared offices, one individual office), a relaxation room/kitchen, toilets. It is possible to privatize a room in an individual office or in a meeting room. The internet connection is ADSL, optical fiber is not expected in the city until 2023. “The internet connection is good, assures Christiane Lemoine. And 4G passes without problems in the city.”

Prices are moderate: €5 an hour, €8 for half a day, €15 for a day, for individuals. Associations benefit from a reduction. “The goal is not to make money, but to make the village live, to serve the population, especially this new population that comes from the Paris region and from urban areas”, stresses Christiane Lemoine.

Proximity, price

The single office is currently occupied by Jacques-Olivier Trompas, director and producer of documentaries, first applicant and first tenant. “I live in Treigny and I didn’t have the opportunity to have an office at my home,” he explains. I decided to rent this office for the proximity, the price and the setting. The premises are well located, right in the center of the village, and have been renovated. And I find coworking interesting, you can meet other professionals.”

Other professionals and associations would already be interested. The town hall is finalizing the organization. It plans to create a common agenda for the use of the premises, especially to facilitate appointments and confidentiality, and should install a digital opening/closing device for the premises.

More information by e-mail, by phone or at the town hall during the secretariat’s opening hours.

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