Eureka! I found an idea about business development

Every day new business ideas are developed all over the world! Some are the source of success stories and can make us want to create our own business and develop new parts of the existing one. How do you find an idea to develop your business?

Respond to a personal need

There are many people who to meet a personal need had clicked to create their business. Thus, Mathieu Nebra designed OpenClassrooms at the age of 13 because he wanted to learn programming and he could not find sufficient resources for the beginner he was. Similarly, Sébastien Forest, then a student, decided to found Allo Resto because during his studies he was looking for a service that could give him a list of all the restaurants in his area to have a meal delivered to his taste. Also Cécile Reinaud, founder of Séraphine, the brand for pregnant women, declared “My first project was to make fashionable and comfortable jeans suitable for maternity. At the time there was nothing in this niche. »

Make your loved ones happy

As Christmas approaches, the search for an original gift that will please loved ones is common, although there are plenty of occasions throughout the year (birthday, party, retirement, wedding anniversary… Valentine’s Day…). Bertile Burel explains that after quitting her job to travel the world with her husband James, she wanted to give gifts to her family, similar to the experience they had had. Their return to France then coincides with the Christmas period. “We didn’t know what to buy, we wanted to make original gifts”. That’s how the idea came to create activity boxes to offer them. Wonderbox was born.

Reinventing a traditional profession

Some professions are under development. Creating a new trend and new practice from professions and know-how that have fallen out of use or moved to other countries can be a source of inspiration.

Some traditional professions experience a new boom due to the introduction of new production and/or distribution methods or the opening of new markets. Thus, in 2011, Guillaume Gibault listens to his intuition and decides that it is possible to reinvent textile manufacturing in France. A few months later, the first French Slip was born in a workshop on the banks of the Drôme, a specialist in underwear, known for its traditional and artisanal know-how. The French Slip represents a testimony that ideas can be found in made in France.

Find out what makes your life difficult

There are plenty of examples of situations that complicate our lives. Céline Lazorthes had the idea for Leetchi because she was responsible for organizing the induction weekend for her promotion. Collecting the necessary money with a small envelope and an Excel file from all his mates proved to be a challenge. The idea then led him to create a service that would collect money for common expenses.

Go exploring

You can get inspiration from a fair such as the housing and furniture fair, but also from fairs that correspond to your core business to inform you about the latest trends. You can even go to other fairs that add value to get out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Fany Pechiodat, founder of MyLittleParis, had a favorite pastime of finding bargains. To find them, she spent her free time wandering the streets of Paris. She decided to write an e-mail of “good addresses” that she sent to about fifty friends. A craze ensues, and in a few months the young woman has amassed almost 10,000 subscribers thanks to her newsletters. In 2008, she decided to launch her site MyLitlleParis, a rather original media group that shares tips and great plans.

Make your life as an entrepreneur or project manager easier

Entrepreneurs need tools to develop their clientele and their suppliers: networking platforms, coworking, sites for the exchange of good practices, remote work tools for the self-employed and their clients, etc. have of course developed in these years, but there are still many challenges.

To come up with an idea in the field, just ask yourself what could make your life as an entrepreneur easier. So look at your surroundings and ask yourself what would make your life easier. Feel free to bring each item from home and ask yourself how you can best offer. Thus, the thermos bottles, ancient companions for hiking, have become companions of everyday life (office, transport, etc.)

Look for possible variations of your products or services.

Every company has a latent potential for development. So ask yourself the question every time:

  • how can I create a complementary product: toys such as dolls evolve alongside clothes, accessories and even disguises show how many others can be offered from one product, the bicycle, like sports, evolves a whole range of accessory products from gadgets to aids. .
  • How can I add additional services to better meet customer needs? After sales service, delivery, training…

To observe the concepts that work abroad

In the age of the Internet, it has become common for a wide variety of creators to look at what works overseas. Ask yourself how you could adapt it to your country! Even the most imaginative ideas can seduce the inhabitants of France! You only have to see the success of the Japan Expo to understand that a whole generation is coming and they will have different desires.

Saw your idea!!!

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