Interview with Célia Gumbau-Serra on the 20th anniversary of Nikki Beach in Saint-Tropez

Nikki Beach celebrate, this year, its 20 years of existence in Saint-Tropez. The brand founded by Jack Penrod became a hotel business lifestyle world. NikkiBeach is present in France in Saint-Tropez and Nice, but also in Sardinia in Costa Emerald, in Monaco, in Ibiza, i Majorcain Miami, in Saint-Barthélemy, in Dubai, i Santorini and Koh Samui in Thailand. Meet with Celia Gumbau-Serra, the chairman of the department for Beach Clubs.

Explain to us what it is Nikki Beach ?
CG-S : It was Jack’s vision Pen rod. These are luxury beach clubs with restaurants and nightclubs with a very special design.

Do you own all your locations?
CG-S : Not always, depending on where you have settled, it is necessary to have local partners, but in Saint-Tropez or Saint BartWe are home.

What is the DNA of Nikki Beach ?
CG-S : At first it’s a bit of a sad story since Jack Pen rod loses her daughter in a car accident. He closed all the establishments he had. He cried a lot at his daughter’s departure. His friends came to tell him that his daughter loved parties and loved life, so he wanted to commemorate her and created the first Nikki Beach in Miami. The first in Europe at the time was Saint-Tropez in memory of his daughter. Jack is now 83s, at that time he had already had a brilliant career. He wanted to keep his daughter’s memory alive and there was no business plan. It was very organic, it was done according to the possibilities. The sincerity and this family aspect allowed us to still be there 25 years later.

Nikki Beach can accommodate up to 3,000 people?

CG-S : It may. This is the vision that everyone has Nikki Beach : a party place, but it’s not only that. We leave room for food in the restaurant. We have also been rediscovered for this site since the health crisis. Nikki Beach also offers very nice plates with good value for money. We can get to Nikki for a nice lunch and come back after if you don’t feel like staying and partying.

Nikki Bevery is famous for its party, do you have DJs that come often?
CG-S : We have a mix between young talents andyou DJs international like David Guetta who is actually the best DJ in the world. It’s a mix of all that. David Guetta is coming to Saint-Tropez for the first time to mark the 20th anniversary of Nikki Strand pbecause for him too, Saint-Tropez is a place dear to him. This is where he made his career debut in the 90s, so it’s a way for him to come full circle. On the other hand, David and Cathy were my first bosses. I worked with them in 1998. We worked together for five years, they were the ones who taught me the job. His presence is a great joy to me.

Celia Gumbau-Serra: That the clientele is mostly international. But it also makes me very happy to welcome a clientele of locals and people from the area who have realized that whatever that means, if you have the right frame of mind, you will be welcome, and for me this is a real success

Do you also collaborate a lot with wine and spirits brands?
CG-S : Yes, we have developed service rituals. We have partnerships with big houses, we create personalized bottles every year to have collector’s bottles that we only find at home. We also try to work with small producers and we try to discover champagnes other than the big classic houses. We also have this role. vsThat’s why we have two permanent sommeliers to introduce you to other types of products. We try to be talent scouts. We want to be close to people who have this respect for the profession.

What can be found in the shops Nikki Beach ?
CG-S : We have everything. We have to look for designers all over the world and it’s really hard beachwearbut we also make partnerships every year. This year we have Bottega Venice especially who created a fleeting pop-up.

What else is there at Nikki Beach ?
CG-S : It is relaxation, the celebration of life. We know where we are today, but unfortunately we never know what tomorrow will bring. The present, carp die and Party of Life is ours searchword.

What will happen at the 20th anniversary celebration?
CG-S : We made one best of everything that has pleased and that has marked the most in recent years at Nikki so we were among the first beaches other than La Voile Rouge to celebrate the 4th of July, American independence, it was a little crazy, but we were legit on it because we’re an American group. We’re making one best of our 14th of July by bringing all our artists who could mark our 14th of July. These young talents will be present as MB14David Guetta is expected to drop by Cerrone. We try to reach different target groups and we want to get all types of customers to respond to the offer. Nikki Beach.

Who are the customers of Nikki Beach ?
CG-S : That the clientele is mostly international. But it also makes me very happy to welcome a clientele of locals and people from the area who have realized that whatever that means, you will be welcome if you have the right frame of mind, and to me that is real success . All I want is for us to be around for the next 20 years.

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