Inauguration of the first BYD fast charging station at Shell Grombalia Station

Inauguration of the first BYD fast charging station at Shell Grombalia Station

The first fast, public and free electric charging station in Tunisia has just been commissioned.

It is a DC charging station that directly supplies the vehicle with direct current, enabling faster charging. It has a power of 50 kW, which allows recharging a battery from 20% to 80% in just 30 minutes.

A ceremony was organized on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at the Shell PK28 service station on the A1 highway (toward Tunis), the location of this charging station, by the two promoters of the project, Helios Cars, the general distributor BYD (Build Your Dreams) for Tunisia, and Vivo Energy Tunisie, the company that distributes Shell products in Tunisia.

Arriving at the Tang EV, BYD’s 100% electric car, the two officials went straight to the terminal to recharge the car and give the official start.

In addition and on this occasion, the two partners ratified an agreement called “Faster Dreams”, which puts the dream of accelerating the electrification of transport in the spotlight and which will allow the installation of five terminals before the end of the year.

Signed Rafik Ben Ayed, CEO of Helios Cars, and Mohamed Bougriba, CEO of Vivo Energy Tunisia.

In particular, the partners, the representatives of the supervisory ministries and the organizations active in the field of energy in Tunisia were present.

In his speech, Rafik Ben Ayed said: ” Today’s event reflects Al Badr Group’s commitment to the global climate agenda, but above all to the modernization of transport in our country. It also highlights the leadership of all actors in promoting the decarbonisation of the land transport sector, which is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution affecting the health of our citizens. A private-public partnership is essential to accelerate change, promote innovation and new technologies, which will hopefully lead to a renewal of the national transport fleet, thereby reducing energy consumption and protecting the health of all of us. »

And to add: Electric and hybrid vehicles are taking the world by storm, a breakthrough that is rapidly changing the transportation industry. In 2020, according to the International Energy Agency, there were more than 10 million electric and hybrid cars on the road, a 40% increase from a year earlier. In addition, electric cars’ market share was 4.6% of all new car sales in 2020 “.

The CEO of Helios Cars also recalled that ” at COP 26 in November 2021 in Glasgow, governments and manufacturers signed an agreement to move to 100% zero-emission sales of new cars and vans by 2040 “and” by 2035, in the main European markets, thermal vehicles will disappear “.

In a statement to Business News, Ben Ayed reflected on his first trip to BYD in Shenzhen (China), where he learned about the company, its vision and its ambitious program.

I was surprised and changed my view 180 degrees. These are people who have a well-organized and clear vision “, he confessed.

He explained how the company became interested in solar energy from the start and how it became its way of developing its activities. This was the starting point towards electric mobility (car, truck, forklift, pickup, bus and go as far as the design of the suspended aerial metro, monorail) and towards the creation of batteries.

BYD goes ahead and succeeds. The proof is that it is the world leader: the first manufacturer and seller of electric cars in the world. Ditto for some batteries: it manufactures a wide range of batteries, from the smallest to the huge ones, to store energy “, explained Mr. Ben Ayed

And to add: I came home one hundred percent convinced. I thought to myself, this is what we need. Cars with thermal engines, that has only been around for more than a century. Today the world has various problems and solar energy is cleaner and can save us from many problems.

The whole world has gone in this direction. I was interested because it was not done in Tunisia. It would definitely be complicated and take time to pull off, but I’ll keep at it, it’s a challenge and I like challenges “.

In addition, Rafik Ben Ayed indicated that BYD is abandoning thermal cars in favor of hybrid and electric cars.

Asked by Business News about the solar panel car, the CEO of Helios Cars indicated that BYD is considering it, but that this project requires solar panels with highly efficient cells capable of producing a lot of electricity. , on a small surface.

Today, production for the same panel size has more than doubled. I think things will change soon and the company will create very efficient panels capable of providing enough energy for a vehicle “, he clarified.

Regarding the installation of terminals, the manager believed that everyone (municipalities, parking lots, shopping centers, etc.) must follow this development and that it is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

For his part, Haykel Azak, operations director of Hélios Cars, said: “ This partnership aims to democratize the electric car. The policy through this partnership is to implement fast charging stations on main roads to facilitate charging for users. “.

And to announce that the company is thinking of installing ultra-fast charging terminals that allow even faster charging.

Vivo Energy Tunisia, for its part, aims to install 17 charging stations at its stations by the end of 2022.

In fact, this strategic collaboration aims to help accelerate the energy transition in Tunisia and support the development of mobility, while improving the charging experience for customers of electric vehicles.

It should be noted that to further develop their partnership, four other fast terminals and ten AC terminals will be deployed as part of the “FasterDreams” partnership in the Shell service station network.

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