How to remove bloatware on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 [Debloat]

Samsung recently launched its new generation of foldables, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. Both are high-end phones with lots of features. Besides the goodies, some additional apps are also installed by default. Many of them are not useful to many users. These are called bloatware. Here you will know how to remove bloatware on galaxy z flip 4.

Many third-party apps and system apps are pre-installed on the device. And the list also includes apps that we might not use. So in this case it doesn’t make sense to keep these apps. Furthermore, these applications take into account and reduce performance. So the best solution is to unlock the phone which says uninstall apps from the phone.

You can delete or uninstall some unused apps, but there will be apps that you cannot uninstall from the settings. All you can do is disable them. But there are alternative solutions by using which you can uninstall these apps. You can uninstall apps even if you don’t want to root your phone.

How to remove Bloatware on Galaxy Z Flip 4

There are many reasons to remove default apps that are not in use. So before moving on to the steps, let us first know what are the benefits of removing or removing bloatware from Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Here are some of the known benefits:

  • More space
  • Free RAM
  • Without delay
  • Better battery
  • Performance improvement
  • Clean UI
  • Secure privacy settings
  • Speed ​​improvement

Now that you know that removing bloatware improves the performance of the device, let’s move on to the first method, which is to find the name of the package.

Make sure that the apps you want to remove do not affect the functionality of your device (do not remove service apps).

How to find the package name of apps

If you are going to use the adb method and no PC method, you need to know the package name of the app you want to remove. The package name is defined by the developers, which distinguishes the app from other apps. How to get the package name.

  1. Install a third-party app that provides app information like App Inspector.
  2. Open the app and it will show the apps on your phone.
  3. Now tap on the app whose package name you want to see.
  4. Note the package name as you will need it later.

Alternatively, you can also use the adb command to find out the list of package names, but in this method it is difficult to find which package name belongs to which application unless it is obvious.

  • Command for all applications: adb shell pm list packages
  • Command for system applications: adb shell pm list packages -s

Remove Bloatware using adb commands

There are several methods to remove bloatware from Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. And the most common method is by using adb commands. Now that you know the package name of all the apps you want to remove, let’s move on to the steps.

  1. Open Settings on your phone and go to About phone > Software information.
    How to remove bloatware on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  2. On this page, tap the build number 7 times to enable developer options.
  3. Open Developer Options from Settings and Enable USB Debugging.
  4. Install the platform sdk folder on your PC for adb drivers.
  5. Now open CMD from platform folder location by typing cmd in file explorer address bar. How to open the command window from a directory.
    Remove Samsung Bloatware using ADB
  6. Connect your phone to your computer and allow debugging if you see the pop-up window on your phone. If not, enter the command and it will appear on your phone.
  7. Once your phone is connected, enter the given command.
  8. Now enter one of the commands below to uninstall the bloatware. The first command preserves the app data and the second will not.
    • pm uninstall -k --user 0 packagename
    • pm uninstall --user 0 packagename
  9. Be sure to replace the package name with the name you wrote down. Run the same command for each application.

Remove Bloatware using app control

There are also PC apps that can uninstall apps from Android phones. App Control is one of the most popular apps among Samsung users.

To use the App Control software, make sure to enable USB debugging from developer settings just like the previous method. Also, you need to install Samsung driver and adb driver on your PC.

Connect your phone to your PC and it will ask you for debugging permission on your phone. Allow debugging. After connecting the device, the software will ask you to install the ACBridge service on your phone. Install the service, it will help you to get app names and package details.

You can now uninstall and disable apps on your phone.

Remove Bloatware without PC

You can also remove bloatware if you don’t have a PC with you. It is similar to the adb method, but it uses WiFi debugging. So first enable WiFi/Wireless debugging from developer settings by following the first method. Your phone must be connected to WiFi. Also, make sure to rate bundle apps using the shared method above.

Install the local ADB Shell app on your phone. Open Developer Options. Now go to the recent apps screen, tap on the settings icon and select Open in split screen.

Keep the settings page open on the first screen while on the second screen open the LADB app. Tap the wireless debugging text on the Settings page, don’t tap on/off. When you tap on the text, more options will open, tap Pair device with pairing code and it will show the port and the six digit code.

On the LADB app, enter the pairing code and port number. The port number is the last five digits of the IP address. Press OK after entering the required details. You can now exit split screen viewing by expanding the LADB page.

Now enter the command below to uninstall the app you want to remove. The first command will keep the data and the second command will delete the data. Be sure to replace the package name with the actual package name you noted earlier.

  • pm uninstall -k --user 0 packagename
  • pm uninstall --user 0 packagename

So you can uninstall bloatware without using PC.

Remove bloatware on Galaxy Z Flip 4 by rooting

If you have rooted your Galaxy Z Flip 4, you can even remove system apps. While in the previous method you can only turn them off.

To uninstall apps on rooted phone, you can use third-party apps like titanium backup, system app removal tool, etc. These apps only work on rooted phones.

So that was about how to remove bloatware on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. You can also use these methods for other Samsung Galaxy or you can follow this detailed guide.

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