GPS car beacon: what does the law say?

More and more professionals want to install a GPS tracker to monitor the movements of their vehicles. However, the use of this type of device is regulated by law. The system must first of all respect the privacy of the data subjects. What rules are associated with the use of a car GPS tag for a professional? To answer the question, here is a detailed article on the subject.

Why use a car gps beacon?

ONE GPS plotter is a device that can be connected directly to a vehicle. The device makes it possible to collect data about the movements of the vehicle in question. It is a system often used by companies to monitor their fleet. That GPS boxes is capable of:

  • perform geolocation, i.e. provide the exact position of the car at a given time;
  • guarantee high mobility for a company’s fleet;
  • to make one driving analysisto find out the road behavior of motorists;
  • to place its company cars under surveillance for better security.

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Legislation on the use of car GPS tags

If the car gps beacon is extremely useful for a business, the use of this particular device is framed by legislation. Before installing a GPS tracker on your professional cars, it is important to be aware of the law. In 2005, one Bill that governs the geolocation of company cars has been approved by Privacy Commission. Although this law has never been enacted, professionals can use it as a basis for setting up their system. The bill relates to Protection of privacy registered, especially in the electronic communications sector.

What are the rules to follow?

To set up a car gps beacon legally, here are some central points to know :

Justify the purpose of geolocation

To install a geolocation system legally, a company is required to justify the purposes the installation of the device. There are many reasons why a professional would want to track their fleet of vehicles:

  • route optimization;
  • security against vehicle theft;
  • permanent monitoring of vehicle use by company teams etc.

Ask for prior agreement with the employees concerned

Installing a GPS system on board your company cars requires consent of the persons concerned. Each employee must be informed of the presence of a tracker on board his vehicle. To avoid disputes in the future it is advisable to request one written consentwhich becomes more manageable and more concrete.

Manage collected data transparently

Each personal or professional information collected will benefit from processing with confidentiality and transparency. It is important to have a specific mechanism that allows employees to deactivate the system at the end of the working day.

Control movements according to the announced purposes

Control and monitoring of travel must absolutely be done in accordance with the company’s purposes and objectives. The use of geolocation device must be reported to the Privacy Commission.

What are the sanctions in case of non-compliance?

The bill can serve as a reference for professionals in case of disputes about the processing of personal data on a geolocation system. Although the law has not yet been put into effect, the competent authorities can issue sanctions in the event ofabuse vehicle geolocation.

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