Boules Lyonnaises: A Bruno Girard Space and Guy Thibert and André Bruyéron fields for the Clos papilloten

Many political personalities present at the inauguration!

After the death of their president Bruno Girard in early 2022, George Desbrossevice-president of the club “la Boule d’Or Chalonnaise” (boules lyonnaise) and all members of the club associated with the municipality had organized a tribute ceremony at the laying of a posthumous plaque to inaugurate the ‘room Bruno Girard and plots no. 4 and no. 5 at Guy Thibert (former president) and Andre Bruyeron (former treasurer).

On the spot, during this event, we noticed the presence of Gilles Platret, Mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône, Dominique Melin deputy chairman with responsibility for sports, Philippe Finas9. deputy in charge of sports, Bruno Legourd3. deputy with responsibility for health and social affairs, Maxime Ravenet7. deputy with responsibility for associations and development, Fabrice Faradji, Delegated municipal board member for major sports facilities and sports, Dominique Rougeron Municipal board member, delegate for the elderly and for support for the disabled, Serge Rosinoff, Delegate councilor responsible for memory and the patriotic world, Monique Bredoiredelegated adviser Responsible for developing initiatives for animal welfare in urban areas, Gilles Vechambre, Sports director for the city of Chalon and Grand Chalon, Patrick Varrault, Responsible for sports equipment, Thierry Thevenet, President of WHO assisted by Jean-Luc Durand, of Marie Claire Girard accompanied by her daughter Ludivine and her grandson Oscar, by Mrs. Bruyeron

A ceremony that began with the broadcast of a ten-minute film, produced by the Swiss branch of the Boule d’Or Chalonnaise club, supporting testimonies from players to their president and photographs of the latter.

This was followed by the posthumous inauguration of the board for land number 5 intended for Andre Bruyeron

The posthumous dedication of the plaque to land number 4 intended for Guy Thibert.

The unveiling of the posthumous plaque toSpace Bruno Girard

Excerpt from the speech given by George Debrosse: “It is with great feeling that I address you all, because for us Espace Bruno Girard was something important. Simply because Bruno was our president, but he was more of a friend than a president. Well, I won’t tell you more !”. (Big feelings)

Excerpt from the speech given by Gilles Platret: “Everyone noticed that there was a lot of emotion today! It is not an insignificant event to give a name, and this very night to give three names, when these places are still populated by memory, by memories of those who are no longer with us. I can testify that this project was absolutely close to all the members of the club and that it is a project that matures and imposes itself. Because when you have given time, especially in the office, when you have also given a lot of friendship to others, when you have simply given a lot of yourself and when you leave because the illness is unfortunately the strongest, then we leave a devotion that can no longer be expressed. I felt in the club’s request that had been made, Mr. Vice President, the funds through these records and especially from Space, as we have two grounds which were also baptized tonight plus the Grand Space, the way for you to continue to express the devotion, you have shown to each of the three whom we pay tribute to this evening. I really want to thank you because unfortunately we have the example of certain clubs that, after experiencing the disappearance of very important and very invested people, who do not survive those who have given so much or who have problems leaving , because it is a trial that you have to go through and it is not easy […] There is a lot of sadness, but also a lot of habit that the president had; ideas from elsewhere, because Bruno did not lack them to promote the club and the risk behind his disappearance, it could be a stop, the demotivation and the spread! This is not the case here, and I think, ladies, that this is the most beautiful tribute we can give to your husbands, because the fact, despite their disappearance, that their friends are still there, that they continue to exchange, that they continue to move forward and well I can’t think of a better tribute. It is a paradoxical tribute, because we really want to share these moments with them again, that we tell ourselves that they are not there to see it, but maybe they are there to see it, and that they are not so far anyway. that is what we can collectively wish for […] As this club has more and more licensees by gaining members at the start of the season, yes, I also know that the renovation of a playing area is necessarily an incentive to come and join the team. […] Renovation work which had a total price of 58,300 euros to give you satisfaction […] So thank you all for keeping this place alive. Of course we remain by your side and now, with the beautiful tribute that has been paid this evening, with this recognition that we express for all that has been done by our dear deceased for the club, you have only one obligation, to carry the colors of this club even higher. Thank you !

The event ended with a friendship buffet for the guests. photo reportage


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