says that the current foldable devices are not practical

Not that Lei Jun discovered gunpowder either, because the truth is we’ve all been saying for a long time that certain folding formats solve problems we didn’t have.

It has been several years, four generations, that Samsung has also successfully explored foldable phones, and if we all know that the future of the industry will be flexible in one way or another, it is the South Korean giant that has worked the most on the development of these new invoice formats.

Not surprisingly, the industry expects 10 times more foldable phones in the next two years and from all manufacturers, while Samsung already has the best-selling foldable phone on the planet in its catalog and expects the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 to improve on the present. this in the coming months.

The fourth generation of the Samsung Galaxy Z

This is the fourth generation of Samsung Galaxy Z.

And this despite the fact that many of us have long said that foldable machines still need to justify their existence, with many problems still to be solved, features in question and many solutions to problems that no one had the formats. the most classic phablets.

And this is precisely what Lei Jun seems to have discovered now, because the head of a Xiaomi, which also has its own foldables, has just stated directly on his Twitter account that the current foldable formats are not practical in everyday life and does not contribute much to the users either. :

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, test: The formula for success is now more refined

In case you want a direct transcript and of course translate the Chinese leader’s words into French, here is what Lei Jun said in his tweet:

Some brands miss out on developing foldable smartphones. They add more and more hype features which are not helpful to improve the overall experience. First and foremost, foldable smartphones should be designed for practical use, regardless of foldable form factor or performance.

The most curious thing about this is that Xiaomi’s MIX Fold bears an uncanny resemblance to the format of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, and the Haidian-based company has also gone a bit overboard with an 8.02-inch folding panel in an ultra-thin body. -thin, only 5.4 millimeters thick, with a rather significant bump for the triple camera and specific software to give functionality to the practically non-existent format.

We don’t know what Lei Jun might have meant or who he was directly referring to, but the truth is that it seems a bit of a shame, especially since his model does not innovate on the basis created by Samsung, with Huawei being the only one to have opted for a format difference with the fold on the outside and OPPO which has worked to minimize annoying folds.

Now, just as I’m reviewing it, I’m also taking this opportunity to agree with Xiaomi’s CEO on one thing, and that’s that after trying both the flip and the fold, neither of them, but especially the latter, justify their existence with functionality. , let alone the disadvantages related to their high prices, durability and lack of versatility due to the very format of the external panel, the high thickness and weight in the pockets.

We will have to wait for news and see if Xiaomi decides to present us with something very new in the coming months…

It is the best-selling folding mobile in the world

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