magicmaman is committed: a magazine cover to normalize breastfeeding in public space

Why is breastfeeding outside controversial?

“It still happens too often that women who breastfeed in public are subjected to reproachful looks, inappropriate comments or worse, verbal or physical violence and orders to stop or ‘do it elsewhere’. breast or bottle, it’s no matter, a hungry baby shouldn’t wait Our operation is simple: to trivialize breastfeeding in public, so that every woman can feed her child when and where she wants.

In France, breastfeeding in public places, indoors or outdoors, is not prohibited by law and therefore constitutes an unrestricted right for the woman and her child. However, it is still taboo and poorly tolerated. Sometimes nurturing, sometimes erotic, the symbolism of the bare breast continues to divide. In France there is still a certain modesty. From a cultural and moral point of view, the breast is above all sexualized when the WHO and specialists advocate the benefits of breastfeeding. There is also a whole phantasmagorical dimension around this practice and the mother/child bond. It can, depending on the memories, awaken, consciously or not, different emotions. Seeing a woman breastfeed her child in public can therefore be indifferent, embarrassing or even shocking.

Claire Schneider, editorial director and Marine Chassang Filipe, deputy editor magicmaman

magicmaman is committed to normalizing breastfeeding in public spaces

This Thursday, September 8 at magicmom gets involved along with the French Coordination for Breastfeeding (CoFam), the young French brand of nursing clothes FRIDA, etc., and the collective Les Allaitantes des benches publics to get things moving! Together we envisioned a trompe-l’oeil magazine cover capable of transforming every reader into a breastfeeding person :pbecause magazines can be read anywhere, in places where one should be free to breastfeed one’s child without being judged, “The Uncover” shows a trompe-l’oeil breastfeeding woman who comes to follow reading a magazine while she covers it.

Dubbed “The Uncover”, this informative and entertaining medium, will be distributed free of charge throughout France from September 8. This campaign, designed by the PR agency Weber Shandwick Paris, was made possible thanks to 6 women and mothers who posed under the eyes of committed photographer Andreia Bresciani and artistic director Charlyne Urbaniak of the Allégorie studio. Additional information such as testimonies from mothers and healthcare professionals is also available on video by flashing a QR code directly on the blanket.

It is also possible to print directly online on the page to be able to participate in the normalization of breastfeeding in public space by taking a photo, to then share with #TheUncover.

A petition to warn the government

A petition launched by CoFam calls on the government and the elected representatives of the republic to breastfeeding in public places a right and to protect it. This petition is addressed to François Braun, Minister of Health and Prevention, Fadila Khattabi, President of the Social Commission of the National Assembly, and Véronique Riotton, President of the National Assembly Delegation for Women’s Rights and Equal Opportunities for Men and Women. To sign and share massively!

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