Jeep unveils three new 100% electric models

This is what makes Jeep angry. The American will be “the world leader in zero-emission SUVs”. In Europe, this means that you will only market electric cars in 2030, knowing that you already only have hybrids in our catalog. Even in the US, Jeep expects half of its sales to be electric at the same time.

And rather than empty words, the brand already has cars to show off to illustrate its ambitions. No less than three, to start with.

First Avenger. It’s the little yellow one in the photo gallery above. Designed in Italy, this baby jeep will be produced in Poland at Fiat, in the Tychy plant alongside the 500. More compact than a Renegade, it will be based on the Peugeot Peugeot 2008, DS 3 Crossback and Opel platform. Mokka, his Stellanti’s cousin. It will be presented at the Paris Motor Show on October 17.

“It’s designed in Italy for a reason,” says Jeep Styling Director Ralph Gilles. These cars live in the city, they face the sidewalks, they need armor. But there are also Renegade-inspired elements such as the taillights and grille. »Notified autonomy: 400 km.

According to Jeep, its target audience will be younger, more single and more feminine than the rest of the lineup. Hence this aggressive name to overcompensate, perhaps. Also, if that tells you anything, it’s that it’s already been worn by a Hillman and two very forgettable Dodges in the Chrysler group genealogy, absorbed by Fiat, which then merged with PSA… Otherwise, c It’s just, that you watch too much Marvel.

More virile, the Recon, presented here in khaki, fluorescent yellow and steel grey. Its retro-cubist style and its removable doors are clearly a response to the success of the new Ford Bronco. Except that unlike the latter, the Jeep Recon will be electric and only electric. It will arrive in Europe in 2024 after a US launch next year.

This is based on the STLA Large electric platform, dedicated according to previous Stellantis announcements for vehicles over 4.65 m, equipped with 101 to 120 kWh batteries with 800 V architecture.

According to Ralph Gilles, this technical base allows a lot of freedom. On the Recon, this allowed them to raise the ground clearance and shorten the overhangs in favor of crossing capabilities.

Recon also has a “frunk” (contraction of front luggage compartment, to the front luggage compartment). The proportions are quite surprising for a Jeep around this long wheelbase, but the public is not wrong according to the first clinical studies, emphasizes Gilles. “The independent bumpers, the grille, the wheel arches and the spare wheel on the tailgate, everything connects it to the Wrangler. »

And it’s not just the mouth, the brand promises. “The Recon is able to navigate the Rubicon Trail, one of the most formidable off-road tracks in the United States, and to arrive at the end with still enough autonomy to return to the city. »

The last of the trio is the Wagoneer S. For this one, the images are still renderings of a concept car, but Gilles says the car is 95% finally there. It is based on the same platform as the Recon, but according to Gilles “it was a completely different set of specifications. The customers will have had lots of Jeeps; now they want luxury. It is also a matter of aerodynamics. »

The first estimates speak of 0 to 100 km/h in just over 3.5 s, two engines developing 600 cumulative hp, and 650 km of autonomy.

So these are the first three electric Jeeps. The small ones, the big ones, the really big ones. But this is only the beginning. “The brand will launch four zero-emission vehicles in Europe in 2025 with products in high-volume segments. “It is not necessary to have done Polytechnique to deduce that the fourth will be a mid-size SUV, the electric equivalent of a Compass or a Cherokee .

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