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ESC Pau Business School was founded in 1969 by CCI Pau Béarn and is a Grande Ecole of Management, member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

It provides diplomas from Bac+3 to Bac+5 recognized by the state with the highest accreditations: Bachelor Degree Business Developer, Master Degree for Grande Ecole Program and international accreditation “EFMD Accredited”.

Installed in the center of a university campus with 12,000 students and a technopole of more than 130 companies, the connection to the company is at the heart of its DNA.
In 1994, it co-created the Grandes Ecoles apprenticeship system, which has since allowed it to maintain privileged links with 865 partner companies throughout France.

The “For Tomorrowers®” pedagogy provided by ESC Pau Business School prioritizes action and coaching: learn through direct experience by living things and no longer by witnessing them. You will therefore be immersed in several projects, which you will then analyze together with your teacher-coach, who will provide personal follow-up.

ESC Pau BS trains women and men with positive impact projects that will play a role in the transformation of organizations and territories.

Key figures from ESC Pau Business School

  • Year of establishment of the school: 1969
  • Number of students under education: 1100
  • Number of graduates in the alumni network: 8,000
  • Number of teachers: 36
  • Number of student associations: 10
  • Accreditations and labels CGE, Degree of License, Degree of Master, EFMD Accredited,
  • Costs for training: 7150€/year

How to register for ESC Pau Business School?

There are no prerequisites regarding the specialties or the sector chosen in Terminale to integrate the Bachelor of ESC Pau BS. Any candidate with their Baccalaureate (or currently in Terminale) can now take the ESC Pau BS Selection Test.

At the same time, he should also tick off the wish from the Bachelor of ESC Pau BS at Parcoursup.

The bachelor’s degree in business development

ESC Pau Business School is one of the 40 largest French management schools. The Bachelor is a member of the Conference of Grandes Ecoles and has the greatest national recognition (Grade de License and Visa du Ministère) and international (EFMD Accredited).
Our students’ rise to power is marked by highlights:

  • Year 1 – immersion and collaboration with local companies throughout the year, marketing study, internship in France or abroad OR OPPORTUNITY to integrate the work study program in the 1st year
  • Year 2 – business creation project in the 1st semester and 2nd semester of studies at a foreign partner university (USA, Latin America, Europe, India, etc.) or semester 100% in English in Pau with international OR POSSIBILITY to integrate the alternation in the 2nd year
  • Year 3 – choice of specialization:
    • Digital Marketing & Influencer Communication
    • Sustainable tourism and territorial innovation
    • Business developer (international or digital or real estate or bancassurance)
    • Business Manager (HR, management control, finance, etc.)
    • Accounting… OR OPPORTUNITY to integrate the work-study in the 3rd year

Work-study course : possibility to follow the bachelor on a work-study basis from the 1st year. Support for job search. Work-study integration also possible directly in the 2nd or 3rd year.

Everything you need to know about the bachelor’s program

ESC Pau pedagogy

The school has a support service for success:

  • The Teacher Coach: He will answer your questions, help you progress in the maturation of your professional project and help you choose your paths.
  • The Career Center: It accompanies you in the search for an internship, helps you define your professional project, your studies…
  • The Department of International Relations: It supports you in setting up your international mobility projects (practice abroad, choice of partner universities, accommodation, etc.)
  • The Business Relations Department: It offers you apprenticeship and work placement offers which are negotiated directly by the school.

Other services related to academic success: Monitoring of the teacher coach, TOEIC support, remedial options…

Proximity to the teaching staff and educational teams is essential at ESC Pau BS.

Profile of applied students

To integrate our bachelor’s program, you must have a Bac (no prerequisite in the sector) and pass our “Selection Test For Tomorrowers®”. It takes place during a physical session at ESC Pau Business School or online on a digital platform.

The recruitment process is not intended to eliminate candidates, but rather to retain those who will best utilize the knowledge and experience that our program will offer you.
Through this student selection test, the school searches for:

  • curious, positive, enthusiastic, enterprising, responsible, cooperative, interested in contemporary issues (economic environment, companies, social issues, etc.),
  • who understand the world around them and are aware of its challenges,
  • 100% motivated to join ESC Pau Business School and shake things up.
  • able to step back and take responsibility,

Business and management school students must have skills in:

  • written and oral expression to be able to defend a precise argument and present a project
  • foreign language, at least in English, to be able to read, write and express oneself in writing and orally and to work in an international context
  • general culture and humanities, show openness and sensitivity to the challenges of society and the economy

These skills can be attested by the results obtained in matriculation exams as well as in the regular assessments during the high school years. They can also be assessed during tests specific to the selection process (written, oral) or even during interviews.

Admission procedures

“For Tomorrowers® Selection Test” includes the following tests:

1) The “Innov’ & Impact” test with its positive pitch (25 min)

  • In writing: choose a company that inspires you and explain how it has impacted society.
  • Oral: imagine a project with a positive effect for the chosen company and present it during a pitch.

2) The “Understanding our world” test. (20 minutes)
Respond in writing to a problem related to the major problems of our world.
3) The one English MCQ (15 minutes)
30 multiple choice questions
4) The oneindividual interview (25 min.) You answer orally, in video format, four questions in French and one in English (describe and comment on a picture in English). The purpose of this test is:

  • to discover your talents,
  • to highlight your personality,
  • to understand your motives,
  • to measure the adequacy between your profile, your projects and ESC Pau BS.

Options after Bachelor Business Developer ESC Pau

After the examyou have 2 options:

1. Continue your studies in the Master Grande Ecole (Bac+5) at ESC Pau BS
2. Integrate professional life

What jobs after graduation?

You will be able to:

  • to work in multicultural teams
  • to develop new markets
  • to start a business
  • to stimulate the dynamics of change in organizations
  • to integrate the economic, social and environmental dimensions in your decision-making.

We train in subjects that favor the relationship with customers in the following areas: Business development; Marketing & Communications; Management; Events; Negotiation; Exports … and this regardless of the activity sector.

ESC Pau Campus

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