8 planning tips and design ideas to forget the feeling of small space!

Although the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, it is often the smallest. It is therefore essential to utilize every square centimeter of free space with a smart bathroom interior. Regardless of the size of the room, we’re sure these space-saving bathroom ideas will help you free up space and make your bathroom look bigger. From wall-mounted sinks to wall-hung toilets, from mirrored bathroom cabinets to designer vertical radiators and from waterfall faucets to digital showers, in this article we bring you practical ideas that are ready to implement to save money. space without compromising on ease of use.

8 bathroom design ideas to save as much space as possible!

When it comes to space-saving bathroom design ideas, smart planning is key to making even a room feel spacious. Until recently, space-saving bathrooms always required a compromise, with the bathtub often becoming the first casualty in the battle for space, not to mention the problems associated with a lack of storage. But the latest modern equipment makes it possible to create a luxurious bathroom from a minimum area.

Bathroom decor: Make the most of the wall space

tips for bathroom design

In this luxurious bathroom, a shower over the bath made the most of the tight space, and fixing the radiator to the opposite wall kept bath towels close at hand. By adding shelves, you can also use it for a beautiful decoration of the bathroom. Brass fittings and marble tiles give a small room an exclusive look.

Bathroom fittings: mwall-hung washbasin

arrange wall-hung washbasin cabinet

A wall-mounted vanity unit frees up valuable floor space in the bathroom, providing much-needed storage space. Plus, you don’t have to compromise on design, as it’s easy to find a slim, scaled-down version of this space-saving bathroom sink.

Bathroom idea: choose a shower cabin

design trend Italian shower

Walk-in showers are a great way to equip a small bathroom. They give the illusion of a larger space, are much less visually impressive than a full cabin and can also feel light and airy when in use. In this narrow bathroom, the shower screen is built over a knee wall to let in as much light as possible from the window behind, while keeping the shower jet contained and the toilet seat dry. Choosing wall-hung toilets leaves more of the tiling on the floor, which also helps make the space feel more generous.

Bathroom cabinet with mirror

space illusion mirror cabinet

Mirror cabinets are another practical space-saving solution. While providing valuable storage space for your bathroom accessories, it also provides the mirror – an essential element in any bathroom. Mirrors are ideal for a small bathroom as they create the illusion of a larger space. And the cabinets, available in a variety of finishes and storage options, allow you to choose the best to create the perfect stylish finish for the room.


bath-shower bathroom layout

The main advantage of this small bathroom design with a bathtub is that it offers the best features of a shower and a bathtub, without limiting the shower area like a standard shower. The unique P, L or D shape offers unrivaled shower space, giving you all the luxury and space saving of a compact shower installation.

Add a playful touch

wash skirt in retro design

Bath skirts can be a very cheerful element and are an easy way to bring pattern and softness to your bathroom. To save space, any vanity with doors that slide to the side, instead of opening into the room, will increase and improve the layout options in a compact bathroom. In this project, a graded fabric was used for the exterior to store toiletries and essentials out of sight. Made from durable polyester, it’s a practical choice in wet conditions and easy to clean.

Blur lines in a small room

blur lines interior design

In this bathroom, the use of the same color tones on several surfaces smooths out awkward angles and slanted ceiling lines. All walls and bathtubs are covered with waxed concrete, a completely waterproof microconcrete paste. The idea is to give the room a feeling of warmth and nature. The characterful vanity, made from a rustic antique table, cuts a strong silhouette against the plastered walls.

Mix and match materials

mixing bathroom materials

Highlight your bathroom sink and match it to your walls. Here, stunningly smooth marble covers the top half of the wall, which sits next to a textured concrete base. The basin rests on the same marble block, which cleverly connects the two styles. A well-placed shelf adds to the linear look and provides extra space for accessories.

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