the points to check for a smooth return to school

For many, the holidays are over and it’s time to prepare for the start of the school year. After several hundred kilometers covered during the summer season, your car deserves good maintenance. This is of course important to be able to drive safely and get back to work or school. Rest assured that there is no need for a major car inspection, simple maintenance is enough to keep your vehicle running properly.

Car service: simple steps for a hassle-free return to school

Here are our tips to prepare your car to drive safely at the start of the 2022 school year:

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Check the condition of the tires

Did you know ? Tires are the only connecting element between your car and the ground. Their tread patterns determine the grip that makes it possible to tow, steer and stop the vehicle and therefore play an important role in driving safety.

If your tires have a tread depth of less than 1.6 mm or a puncture of more than 6 mm in the tread, do not hesitate to replace them.

Check the inflation pressure

In addition to wear and tear, improper tire pressure can compromise driving safety. In fact, underinflation reduces vehicle stability and increases braking distance and fuel consumption. On the other hand, overinflation reduces grip on the ground and the tire’s ability to absorb shocks, affecting ride comfort. In addition, overinflated tires run the risk of wearing out more quickly. Also, don’t forget to check the spare tire if your car has one!

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Check fluid levels

In a vehicle, fluids are necessary for the engine to function properly. Inadequate levels can affect vehicle safety and lead to irreparable damage. Take advantage of the car’s maintenance to check:

● Motor oil;

● Coolant;

● Brake fluid;

● Hydraulic control fluid;

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● Transmission fluid.

If your car has been used a lot during the holidays, don’t hesitate to have the engine oil changed.

Check the lighting system

The lighting system is essential to ensure good visibility at night or in bad weather. It therefore deserves special attention. Do not hesitate to go to a car center to check the adjustment of the headlights and the condition of the various bulbs: main beam, position, stop, dipped beam, reverse gear, indicators and fog lights. Also think about renovating your optics, because clean headlights contribute to the good light quality.

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Check the condition of child seats

When installed and used correctly, a car seat can reduce the likelihood of serious injury and death in the event of an accident by up to 70%. Regular checks are therefore important to guarantee your children’s safety when you are on the road.

First, check the expiration date given by the manufacturer and make sure it has not been exceeded. Then check the general condition and fastening of the seat. Also note that you should never use a car seat that has been involved in a collision, even if it appears to be in good condition.

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