PSG. Long before Qatar and the football industry … there was the Kop Of Boulogne (KOB)

It is an essential book for anyone who wants to understand and know the history of the Boulogne tribune, a gathering place for several decades for Paris Saint’s most ardent supporters, the most ultra, the most insolent, even the most violent. Germain (PSG).

With KOB, our story that has become legenda sort of illustrated encyclopedia of an entire section of Paris Saint Germain supporters’ history, it is a genuine breath of fresh air offered to readers, far removed from the Qatari empire which has monopolized the capital’s club. French, far from football business, also everything from the Auteuil stand and its supporters, first created in the 90s to correspond to Boulogne, then spoiled with the arrival of Qatar, especially by cultural affiliations with certain leaders, but also for definitive to turn the page on the Tribune Boulogne.

A breath of fresh air, but above all a historical account, through the pen of several generations of “copyists”, the members of the Tribune Boulogne who, over several generations, created its reputation as an impregnable and unchanging citadel. It is a question in this work of once again remarkable quality (in terms of archives, photographs, layout), of supporterism. Ultra movement. Of hooliganism. But above all pieces of the lives of those who have worn out their vocal cords, their fists, their livers, their doctors or their adidas three stripes for years in a forum with a completely justified sulphurous reputation.

Because the purpose of the authors who participated in this book is actually to tell the story of the Boulogne tribune as it was experienced by its protagonists. Far from the incriminating articles, or the imaginations of the journalists, who are all too often unfamiliar with the world of the stands. In this book there is no filter. No bias either. But countless memories, trips, tifos, riots, fights, rivalries, through all the groups that have at one time or another filled the ranks of Boulogne.

We see the development of the world of stands since the 70s. The appearance that differs, the different urban tribes that populate the stadium, sometimes to the chagrin of the authorities. Evolution also in terms of repression and security. KOB’s big moments, which sometimes developed into major media scandals (Who forgot the banner filled with insolence and dark humor, on which you could read “Pedophiles, unemployed, relatives, welcome to Ch’tis “and which had earned its authors outbursts from authorities who evidently did not have the same sense of humor?). We also relive the dramas (and the murders of Julien Quemener, or even Yann Lorence) which disappeared the span of a platform which drew its reputation throughout Europe for several decades.

In addition to these rare images, in this book you will find exclusive documents, old posters, flyers, stickers, fanzine pages, to better understand through this iconography, the aesthetics of a certain era and a mythical tribune.

KOB, our story that has become legend, it is above all a set of testimonies from fans, lovers of their team (or not for that matter), but above all their platform, who have given years of their lives to honor it and make it alive and respected. Young and old, who have made the choice to live (but sometimes also pay heavily) as free men, standing up against all odds and picking up the famous English currency. “No one likes us, we don’t care”nobody likes us who cares.

The book can now be ordered at this address for a price of €75. A price that may seem high at first, but when you hold the paving stone in your hands and observe its quality, you know that it is a real object of art and history that we have in our hands. If in recent years the ultra movements and the main French forums have taken the habit of producing books (sometimes excellent, by the way) that repeat the history of their respective forums, it is clear that, including in terms of edition and statements, “Paris number one”.

It’s not the bad British or Dutch boys who arrived a little too flowery to taste the muscular joys of the fiery youth of Porte de St Cloud before they stood with their noses to the tarmac, who would say the opposite…


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