Lyons. Under construction, the LDLC Arena aspires to become “the most beautiful hall in Europe” –

Text: Morgan Couturier – During an atypical installation of the first seat, OL and ASVEL were able to draw the contours of the future LDLC Arena. Dedicated to hosting the most beautiful basketball posters, concerts and other sporting events, the latter should see the light of day before the end of 2023. Not without some big promises.

We knew it Laurence Faura particularly gifted in the art of sniffing out good offers and attracting some of the finest projects in the department to his municipality. But while September 6, 2022 will be a landmark forever, the mayor of Décines-Charpieu will have seduced this time with new skills of the symbolism represented by the installation of a… first seat. More lyrical. More poetic too, as the councilor understood how to engage the assembly in a tirade with musical connotations. An ideal prism, while the next LDLC Arena, presented today, will harmoniously host basketball posters and concerts of all kinds.

“From the seat we watch, we support, we vibrate, carried away by the challenge, by the melody, by the emotion. And in this arena the future will be written. Here will be the passion. Here they will parade the heroes of culture and sport. Here will be the meeting place for all enthusiasts to communicate. Lyon had its arena, its theater in ancient times. From now on, it is our city that offers Metropolis Lyon an arena where the basketball gladiators will offer us exceptional matches and where the most talented artists will give grand shows,” she had described, in a tirade sufficient by itself to present the ultimate project dreamed up by the OL Group, its president Jean Michel Aulas and his favorite partner, the president of ASVEL, Tony Parker.

And if it will still be necessary to be patient in order to sit in one of the 16,000 seats set in the heart of this multifunctional space, the Olympic champion is sure: “The LDLC Arena is progressing so quickly that our project will be there very soon”, he assured, as supporting evidence, as much as the space shows after only eight months of work piloted by Vinci Immobilier, some captivating forms. “It is an exceptional project with a European and international dimension”, he supported during his son’s look alexander and a string of politics, right from Gilles Gasconmayor of Saint-Priest i Jeremiah Breaudmayor of Bron, via Sophie Cruz Where Jean-Yves Drought.

“Our goal is to make the most beautiful room in Europe, even in the world”

Beautiful people that ASVEL will have to get used to, in 2023, when the most beautiful European posters (ie about fifteen matches per season, ed. note) will be played here below, not without a distribution in accordance with ‘Astroballe, which The Villeurbannais club wants to modernize. “It is a modern hall, ahead of its time. That’s what made us invest in it. It is the biggest investment we have made in the company”, the president of LDLC presented thus, Laurent de la Clergerieconquered, like the president of Metropolis Lyon, Bruno Bernardof the project’s high ecological content.

It must be said that at a time when some competitors offer to travel in sandyachts, OL Group was happy to boast the green benefits of the project, built on three levels and almost 30 meters high. “It’s a great room. Our goal was to make the most beautiful hall in Europe, if not in the world. With equipment like this, we enter a new dimension. There is the NBA level,” rejoiced Tony Parker, escorted by his close guard, Gaetan Muller, Stephane Morot-Sirhis brother and coach TJ Parker as well as two of his recruits, Amine Noua and Nando de Colo. “I hope that Jean-Michel (Aulas) will organize an anniversary so that I could play in this room”, also claimed the former playmaker hysterically. Proof that the next LDLC Arena will be abundantly filled with events of scale (between 100 and 120 per year), whether concerts, shows or sports tournaments.

More than 100 events per year and an additional room for 1000 people built in parallel

“From 2024, the aim is to put LDLC Arena on the music tour map”, confirmed in video, Angelo Goppepresident of Live Nation, one of the most powerful show production companies, the latter to be supported by Thierry Teodoriwhere the former director of Halle Tony Garnier has been recruited as “cultural and concert consultant”.

A musical connotation whose resonance could extend beyond Décines and its borders. Good omens for the inhabitants of Lyon, the inhabitants of the eastern Lyonnais, but also professionals in the sector. Come as connoisseurs, the director of Printemps de Pérouges, Marie Rigaudand Victor Bosch, director of Radiant will certainly be able to take advantage of such a tool to hunt down new artists. Isn’t this the apt definition of a space that is said to be … multi-functional?

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