Ennakl celebrates the inauguration of its Renault Trucks activities

Ennakl Automobiles and Renault Trucks formalize their partnership with the official launch of activities. It must be said that the two partners know each other very well after 47 years. Their partnership was interrupted for seven years after the sale of subsidiary Ennakl Vehicules Industriels (EVI) to the Loukil group in late 2014.


To celebrate the event with dignity, a reception was held on Monday 5 September 2022 at the La Charguia site in the presence of the Chairman and CEO of Renault Trucks, Bruno Blin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ennakl Automobiles, Abdellatif Hmam and its General Manager Ibrahim Debache, from Ennakl Automobiles, in the presence of prestigious guests, especially the brand’s customers and partners, in addition to senior staff from the two companies.

This is an investment of more than five million dinars, said Mr. Debate for Business News.

The investment amount for the Charguia site is 1.2 million dinars, knowing that the new brand of heavy trucks utilized Ennakl’s existing infrastructure. The company has also invested in building a team of 25 employees dedicated to the brand in the network and in spare parts with a warehouse of 4 MD and soon more than 2,000 references that will be available in the logistics center in La Goulette. . But this is only the beginning as we plan new developments in the hope that the economic situation will improve to ensure that our commitments in the business plan are met. “, he clarified.

And to indicate that next year the company plans to start a project to build a ” genuine new Renault Trucks logistics centre »with a showroom, workshops and a spare parts shop, to offer a dedicated and comprehensive service to the brand’s customers. In addition to the fact that the company has the capacity to, with the site in Charguia, increase in force, to arrive at fifteen receptions per day minimum, not counting the mobile workshops that will allow to intervene directly on the customers of the site.

Still according to the CEO, Ennakl Automoblies aims to establish from 2023 a Renault Truks network like what the company has done in other sectors: the aim is to be present in all major cities of the country (Tunis, Sousse, Sfax) and Gabes ). The company also has three mobile workshops, equipped and self-contained, with the aim of having five to six by 2023/2024 to cover all regions and especially to deal with customers who want to be repaired on site. ” The availability of equipment is important for them, especially in mining regions, on construction sites with road infrastructure or for customers far from the brand’s headquarters. “, he noted.

And add ” We need to set up a spider web to be able to cover all needs. These mobile workshops will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist our customers on site at their site or at the site of the breakdown. “.

The brand’s new site thus has administrative and business premises of 50 m2 as well as an after-sales area and a spare parts warehouse of 450 m2.

It also has a main workshop with 11 trades on a built-up area of ​​1,100 m2, covering mainly maintenance, mechanical repairs and bodywork, tires and geometry, hydraulics and air conditioning.

Ennakl Automobiles offers a varied range adapted to customers’ needs and covers all sectors of activity between construction and distribution:

  • The Ca series in 8×4, 6×4 rigid or 6×4 and 4×2 tractors
  • C series 4×2 ADR tractor with mechanical or pneumatic suspension of 440 horsepower
  • The D18 distribution specialist with a wheelbase of up to 6.2 m

The dealer has chosen a 360 degree offer, which involves a warranty of up to three years or 450.00 kilometers, a two-year spare parts warranty, a maintenance plan adapted to use and delivered on delivery, truck connection for better planning of workshop visits and an attractive offer on Start&Drive maintenance contracts that allow customers to anticipate maintenance costs over a period of up to three years. In fact, customers are offered a package of periodic maintenance with discounts from one year to three, which enables price stability for professionals throughout the contract period, in addition to visibility into the cost of maintenance and a two-year warranty on spare parts and repairs carried out.

The 360-degree offering also offers solutions for optimizing fleet management. Optifuel thus enables drivers to be trained in rational driving, in particular by presenting them with the predictive functions to aid fuel-efficient driving, saving up to 15% on fuel consumption. Optifeet, for its part, is a manufacturer tool for fleet management with geolocation and a dashboard that analyzes driver behavior. It also allows the dealer to carry out a preliminary pre-diagnosis before intervention, as the technician has the opportunity to access the truck to obtain information on the nature of the breakdown as well as on the computer error codes.

Asked by Business News, Ibrahim Debache explained that the semiconductor crisis is also affecting the trucking sector in the same way as other rolling stock sectors.

Thanks to this new partnership, we have been able to guarantee the volumes of stocks necessary to be able to guarantee that we will again be the leader in the Tunisian heavy goods market in 2024. We hope to reach 23 to 24% of the market share. Better yet, the retailer aims to match the performance achieved in 2010, i.e. a 30% market share.

In terms of electric mobility, Bruno Blin challenged Ennakl to be the first importer of an electric truck in Africa.

This type of vehicle will of course initially be aimed at the distribution and transport sector on city bikes, what is called the last kilometre. Autonomy will guarantee sufficient recharging to be able to ensure the availability of the vehicle (currently 300 km, which will soon increase to 400 km). The company will invest in a collaboration with an installer of charging stations, with different power and different capacity, to be able to charge according to the power of chargers from six to eight hours to one to two hours. “, supported GD.

This new partnership thus consolidates the large portal of brands marketed by the Tunisian importer.

Through this partnership, Ennakl Automobiles pursues its quest for excellence and further develops its commercial strategy based on innovation and promoting a better customer experience with one of the giants in the heavy truck market, whose sales volume exceeded 51,000 vehicles internationally in 2021.

The dealer offers privileged support by dedicated sales and technical teams, highly qualified and trained to brand standards, whose sole aim is to satisfy customers and guarantee them reliable and personalized service.

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