“Darkverse”, the dark web of the metaverse is already worrying…

News hardware “Darkverse”, the dark web of the metaverse is already worrying…

The Metaverse arrives with its share of problems… The 3D virtual world is already subject to a very real threat: the Darkverse. This “dark web” of the metaverse is already subject to questions about its form in the digital world.

The metaverse is still in an embryonic stage with very few current users, but the virtual world represents a new opportunity for the next few years. Many companies, such as Meta, are thus making massive use of this new “technology”.

While the metaverse is still far from mass adoption, the digital world that advocates online social interconnectedness is already attracting malicious intent. In addition to its recreational aspect and its commercial possibilities, the metaverse should also face the illegal inclinations of certain users.

For cyber criminals, this future virtual environment is considered a real opportunity to carry out cyber attacks of all kinds. According to several experts, it is certain that the metaverse will become the field of activity for several cybercriminal organizations.

This forecast is hardly surprising, since the metaverse is an integral part of the concept of web3 – therefore, the digital space should bring with it problems similar to previous versions of the web. In this sense, the dark web, the secret part of the web and its share of illegal activities should also appear on the metaverse in a more or less different form.

Darkverse’s main threats

According to the Trend Micro report, the metaverse could obviously face recurring threats from web2. Known threats include money laundering, selling illegal products, but above all disinformation and propaganda campaigns. In the metaverse, these threats can have dire consequences…

If the metaverse manages to be as realistic as promised, some of these campaigns could have a real impact on how some people think in the real world. What’s more, these nefarious dark communities could escape the police radar by operating on private servers – a scenario reminiscent of the science fiction series Black Mirror…

In addition to these known risks, the metaverse is plagued by cyberattacks of a new era, related to Web3.

In the lot, attacks targeting NFTs of any kind can be the attacks of choice for the various cybercriminals. Likewise, illegal transactions of virtual land or real estate certified by NFTs should attract “darkverse” attackers.

House in Decentraland’s metaverse

Although they still seem distant from our use of the web, these threats may well be real if the metaverse takes a more important place in our lives. In this sense, cybersecurity experts are now warning to find solutions to these possible scourges:

“Metaverse is a multi-billion dollar IT project that aims to restructure the next era of the Internet. While it is not known exactly what it will look like, we must start now to think about how it might become illegal exploited by individuals and how we can protect society in a meaningful way,” explains Udo Schneider, cybersecurity expert, Trend Micro.

These invitations to think about the risks of the metaverse voluntarily intervene in advance, in the logic of fighting against a possible “new Wild West” in the digital world. At the moment, no one is able to confirm that this metaverse will take the size that the web giants intended for it, but if this is the case, would a font of the metaverse be a good omen?

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