Apple presents its luxurious Apple Watch Ultra

One of Apple’s wishes with its connected watch is to offer models for all budgets and all needs. After the entry-level Apple Watch SE, the Californian giant is targeting a new clientele this time with its Apple Watch Ultra. Discover this new range reserved for specific customer profiles.

Meet the Apple Watch Ultra

All the rumors had been talking about it for months, it finally saw the light of day this evening as part of the Apple Event. The Cupertino company presented to the world a new series of Apple Watch, branded “Ultra”
If you might think that it is aimed at very sporty customers, it is not at all the case, in fact the Apple Watch Ultra describes itself as the perfect watch for customers who do a lot of sports outdoors and can damage their Apple Watch .

Unlike the other Apple Watches we have known so far, the Apple Watch Ultra offers an “ultra-resistant” approach, Apple has selected the best materials to reduce the chances of a scratch or impact on the screen during your physical activity. Of course, Apple does not present the Apple Watch Ultra as being unbreakable (which would be a lie), but rather as a very resistant model that will surely take this little phrase out of your head: “I take my watch off because I risk ruining it with the sport I have to play”.

keynote apple far out September 7 apple watch ultra

A new design

With the Apple Watch Ultra, there is no change in the overall design, the screen remains square, there is the Digital Crown on the right side of the watch and the famous button just below to access multitasking.

keynote apple far out September 7 apple watch ultra buttons

However, there are some changes that you can see in the images above that will challenge you when you unpack:

  • On the left side of the Apple Watch Ultra is a speaker (with lots of little holes) as opposed to a horizontal slot that we’ve always seen so far.
  • On the right side, Apple has enlarged the part that houses the Digital Crown and the right side button to call for help, turn off the watch…
  • The Apple Watch Ultra is designed in titanium, which will ensure optimal solidity and reduce the chances of getting scratches or shocks during an impact. Although the Apple Watch Ultra seems heavier at first glance, it is actually very light!

Exclusive news

Apple Watch Ultra inherits several new features…

Apple Watch Ultra dial

  • For the first time since its creation, Apple increase screen size of its connected watch up to… 49 mm, it will be necessary to have a large wrist, otherwise it will definitely exceed!
  • Apple has announced a flat glass and sapphire glass for the screen, this choice is not trivial, because they are two very resistant materials that are able to withstand shocks pushed to the limit. Several YouTubers have tried with this type of glass and you really have to go there to break it.
  • Apple has unveiled a brighter screen, engineers have been working to provide better visibility for texts, images… (2000 nits screen)

keynote apple far out September 7 apple watch ultra battery

  • 36 hours of battery life ! WOW. Apple has announced that its connected watch will be able to manage all your activities for more than a day. The Apple Watch Ultra will go even further in a future update with 60 hours of battery life.

keynote apple far out September 7 apple watch ultra gps

  • Apple has integrated a brand new GPS based on L5 frequencies, the interest of this change is more precision in GPS performance.
  • Apple adds crash detection car in addition to fall detection. If your Apple Watch Ultra detects that you have had an accident in your vehicle, the smartwatch will immediately ask you if you are aware of it. If you do not answer, a call to the emergency services will be made immediately, the rescuer will have the voice of Siri transmitting several information, such as the fact that you are unconscious and your geographical position to allow an intervention.
  • The Apple Watch Ultra adds an 86dB siren to alert the emergency services, a wonderful idea if you are stuck under rocks or you have been exposed to an avalanche and you can no longer move because you are stuck under the snow.
  • The Apple Watch Ultra is able to detect when you are underwaterit will automatically change the screen brightness to highlight a particular screen depending on the lighting due to depth.

keynote apple far out 7 September apple watch ultra straps 1

  • Apple will offer 3 new bracelets exclusively designed for the Apple Watch Ultra. Apple did not aim for the top of the range for the beautiful bracelet, but the company favored the resistant side of these bracelets. The goal is that it does not break down, break and stay on your wrist.

On the health side?

The Apple Watch is a great asset for tracking your health. The Ultra series will be able to track your heart rate and notify you via a watchOS notification in the event of an abnormal detection of your heart rate.
The Apple Watch Ultra also offers ECG to let you know if your rhythm is sinus or atrial fibrillation. Last point, this model also keeps the visibility of your oxygen in the blood with always a percentage of 0 to 100%.

What’s new, the Apple Watch Ultra offers:

  • Apple adds a temperature sensor able to take your body temperature, based on the information that has been communicated, it is not a real-time recording on demand that can be experienced with EKG or blood oxygen. App Watch Series 8 will be able to take your temperature every 5 seconds, after which you will have detailed reports in the form of a graph directly on your iPhone (iOS 16 required).
  • Check the oxygen in your blood
  • EKG

keynote apple far out September 7 apple watch ultra price

Price and launch date

Apple took advantage of the month of August and the beginning of September to produce a maximum of copies of the Apple Watch Ultra, so that an adequate stock is offered in the United States, France and the rest of the world.

Apple Watch Ultra in GPS version starts starting at $799.
Officially, Apple says it’s up for pre-order tonight at its online Apple Store and at retailers, which will receive the green light at the same time.
For the launch, the first deliveries and availability in physical stores will take place on September 23, 2022.

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