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Space Somnium was created in 2017 by Artur Sychov with the aim of providing a fully immersive experience for followers of the metaverse. It’s still a little under-researched, but the platform hopes to record more traffic in the coming years.

To the extent open source platform, Space Somnium is available to the general public and has been since 2018. It is among the pioneers of the metaverse industry along with Roblox and Decentraland. With its native Ethereum-based CUBE token, the platform aims to create your own economy so its users can generate income and build their own metaverse themselves. Visitors also have the option to acquire virtual assets (land, NFTetc.) and monetize their experiences. In this way, Somnium is seen not just as a gaming platform, but also as an extension of blockchain technology. Here’s everything you need to know.

Features of the virtual economy inside Space Somnium

Above all, Space Somnium is characterized by a decentralized and independent economy. No administrative formalities are required in all transactions. Users can thus earn and get as many assets as they can or make trades. This is how the platform builds its economy:

Using CUBE, the original Space Somnium token

Like all other virtual universes, Space Somnium also has its own native token: CUBE. It is a ERC-20 token which is limited to a maximum of 100,000,000 tokens. In fact, it’s the only way to trade inside the platform, whether it’s buying or renting land, paying for wearables or avatars.

It is also with CUBE that you have to pay for the entrance tickets to the various cultural events such as concerts. And if travel requires the use of means of transport (car or teleporter), we pay with CUBE.

Asset tokenization

Inside Space Somnium, each user can tokenize their assets in various activities such as games and land through the Ethereum blockchain. The platform does not collect no interest in this income. This gives visitors the freedom to acquire as many assets as they want and enjoy the value created in the virtual market.

Creation of the planet Somnium

Space Somnium has developed a project called Initial land offer (ILOs), where the platform sells plots of land to visitors. Its users thus have the right to create their own planet Somnium to highlight. In this case, it is first necessary to acquire plots of land. Players also have the option to assign an NFT of their choice to their plot of land.

Tokenization of avatars

In 2020, Space Somnium made various changes, including the tokenization of avatars. In fact, players can since buy their avatars with CUBE on the blockchain. In this case, monetized avatars are considered NFTs. Because of this, a user can buy someone else’s avatar as an NFT.

Peer-to-peer exchanges

For most metaverses, trading takes place in a defined market. In contrast, Space Somnium allows forswap enable between players everywhere where they want. The platform does not charge interest on transactions, does not require users to buy or sell their assets in a specific place.

What can you do in Space Somnium?

Based on these different properties, we can already have an idea of ​​what we can do inside Space Somnium.

First of all, the platform offers a software development kit to its users. This allows them to customize their avatars and assets at will to make them interoperable with other metaverses. The platform continues to run polygon allowing the assets to be fully interoperable. This allows users to transfer them from one platform to another to save costs.

So if players intend to build complex structures inside Space Somnium, they will also need the kit. It should be noted that the assets thus created are listed on the platform’s NFT market, thus constituting its virtual economy.

Any of the following assets can be converted to NFT in Space Somnium:

  • Unique avatar wearables in form and aesthetics;
  • Ticket for admission to an event;
  • Ticket for access to a plot;
  • Vehicles and other means of transport inside the metaverse (teleportation hub);
  • Profitable treasure hunting.

Discovery of a decentralized 3D space

Have you ever explored Sand box Where Decentralized country ? The experience is more or less the same as it is a virtual gaming platform. However, there are some differences. Before finding out what’s in Space Somnium, it’s important to know how to access it.

Get easier access to Space Somnium

Before we explore this virtual world, a few remarks should be made. First, Space Somnium supports the majority of the most popular VR headsets such as Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Valve or HP. It is therefore easily accessible. The VR client can be downloaded from SteamVR or directly on the page Space Somnium website.

But the experience isn’t just available to those with a VR headset. Even with a smartphone, tablet or laptop, it is also possible to enter Artur Sychov’s metaverse. To do this, you just need to use SomniumWeb through the browser.

Let’s be honest, but the experience isn’t as immersive as with a compatible VR headset. In addition, the user cannot see beyond the plot of land where he is located.

Enjoy this immersive metaverse

Once inside the metaverse, the user can perform many tasks such as the various constructions (castles, fantasies, buildings, etc.). He has plenty of time to expand his imagination with the help of Builder, a tool that does not require knowledge of 3D modeling. It is only necessary that the ground on which he will build is in his name.

On the other hand, if the player is knowledgeable about software development, with notorious experience, SDK Unity is completely at his disposal. This way he can design scenes, insert animations or even download complete avatars. All he has to do is drag and drop to put everything on his land.

SinceThe Internet of the Senses is making its way into everyday life, the designers of metaverses, Space Somnium in this case, plan to integrate it into this virtual universe.

Space Somnium is also home to some great NFTs

Space Somnium also houses some NFTs like LAND, Wearables or Tickets.


The most important purchases in a metaverse are two of the lands. This is also the case in Space Somnium where plots of land is expressed in the blockchain. Each owner thus owns blockchain land and can optionally build a blockchain building. He can build a concert hall that he wants to rent out to other users who are artists or event organizers.

The value of LAND NFT is therefore increasing as Space Somnium can only offer 5,025 plots of land. Currently, almost half of the land has already been sold. Nevertheless, there is still about 53% for sale with demarcated areas. The user can buy a plot from among the three suggested areas: S for small, M for medium and XL for extra large depending on the area:

  • S: 200 m² with a height limit of 10 m;
  • M: 600 m² with a height limit of 25 m and
  • XL: 1500 m² with a maximum height of 50 m.


There is also another NFT called Somnium THE WORLDS which users can use with the Unity SDK to design their own games. Thus, they can decide the fate of other players, their activities, the part of the metaverse they explore, etc. Each creator has the opportunity to make money from their games peer to peer.

Somnium WORLDS also comes in three sizes, each size defining the space allocated on the Somnium servers:

  • S: 75 MB,
  • M: 200 MB and
  • XL: 500MB.


Naturally, Space Somnium allows users to do so customize their avatars with wearables. These are actually accessory products such as clothing and footwear. However, each player can create their own products and sell them peer-to-peer, that is, without going through a market. He can also display them on his property and put them up for sale.


Some users organize virtual events which participants must have tickets to enter. These are the NFT tickets. One ticket allows to see and hear what happens. Other visitors who do not have it cannot live the experience.

Means of transport

Inside the Space Somnium, each visitor can move around to explore the world. However, the speed at which an avatar moves is limited 4 km/h. With such a low speed, it is sometimes necessary to choose faster means of transport. These means of transport are not free, they are necessary pay with the means of transport to use them.

Along with this, any user of the platform can also create their own vehicles or teleport. He can then rent them out to other visitors for a counterparty in Transportmiddel.

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