A car overturns, high school students evacuated after a gas leak … The different facts about this Tuesday in Auvergne

While the police intervened in a fight, on Monday 5 September at 21.30, route de Marsat in Riom, they arrested a driver who tried to escape. The 29-year-old was driving with a suspended licence. He had a blood alcohol level of 2.46 g. He was immediately taken into custody.

He breaks his electronic bracelet in Pérignat-lès-Sarliève

A man who served a home detention sentence with an electronic bracelet on his ankle faces charges of escape and destruction of public property. On the night from Sunday to Monday he indeed broke his bracelet, which caused an alarm. The police quickly intervened at his home, in Pérignat-lès-Sarliève, where the man was with his partner. He would have argued with her and in a gesture of anger he would have broken the bracelet. The 51-year-old man will be put on trial in March next year following the procedure for finding guilty.

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The car overturns with five people on board, in Pouzy-Mésangy

A motorist driving on Tuesday 6 September on the D13 connecting Le Veurdre and Limoise lost control of his car after being overtaken by another vehicle. At around 8.45am, after biting its shoulder, the car with four passengers on board crossed the road, hit the ditch before overturning and coming to rest in a field. The 30-year-old driver from Sancoins (Cher), her 36-year-old husband and their three children, the youngest one year old, were transported to the Moulins hospital center for a check-up. .

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Twenty firefighters intervened after storms in Mauriac

Cantal firefighters’ work began at 8.20am on Tuesday before continuing between 12.30pm and 2pm. The rain and hail storms that hit the department led to 19 interventions for flooding, primarily basements and garages. The commune of Mauriac, as well as Vigean, were the most affected, ahead of the Pleaux and Saint-Flour sectors.

Road exit at Saint-Georges

An 82-year-old driver slid off the road on Tuesday, shortly after 3:00 p.m. in the town of Saint-Georges, at the Bellevue turn. Firefighters transported the injured driver to Saint-Flour hospital.

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Upper Loire

House fire in Dunières

A fire broke out on Monday around 10 a.m. in a house located on the route du Fraisse in Dunières. The fire started at the level of a roof, under solar panels. The 17 firefighters from four rescue centers managed to contain and suffocate the disaster, preventing it from spreading to an adjacent car body. There was no one in the house at the time of the incident. A family of four still had to be moved by the town hall in Dunières.

High school students evacuated after a gas leak in Brives-Charensac

A gas leak was observed on Monday shortly before 11 a.m. in the immediate vicinity of the La Chartreuse educational center. A company carrying out work on the rue Saint-Vosy accidentally punctured a 4-bar pipe that supplied mainly the inhabitants of Monteil. The “reinforced gas procedure” was put into action by the firefighters. Two high school classes were moved to safety in the school’s main building. GRDF’s services performed the necessary safety work by “crushing” the pipe so as not to cut off the power supply completely.

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Collision between two vehicles in Saint-Laurent-Chabreuges

A traffic accident took place on Monday around 12:50 at the place called La Baraque in Saint-Laurent-Chabreuges. At the junction between D 12 and D 588, two vehicles collided. The two drivers, aged 19 and 42, were taken to the hospital in Brioude. Drug and alcohol tests were negative.

A vehicle in the ditch at Polignac

A young driver swerved around 1pm on Monday. While driving on the D 13, route de Blanzac towards Polignac, he wanted to avoid a dog on the road. Giving a turn, his vehicle left the road and ended its run in the ditch on the roof. The young man was taken to the Émile Roux hospital for a check-up. The alcohol test was negative.

A car burns in Saint-Germain-Laprade

A tourist from Albi was very startled on Monday around 14:30 While he was driving, he saw smoke coming out of the bonnet of his vehicle. He stopped at the carpool area near Fay-La-Triouleyre. His vehicle then caught fire and the incident also affected a vehicle parked next to it. An amicable report was to be drawn up between the two parties.

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