Toulouse. Renovation, bicycle or car purchase… How do you find your way through the various aids?

Communities offer many tools to equip themselves. (©Pixabay)

Use less, save energy, face it price increase... These words, almost everyone, have them in their mouths in this back to school 2022, while inflation is galloping.

In this battle, at the intersection of ecology and purchasing power, local communities can help. HAVE Toulouse, you can thus take advantage of several aids to replace your polluting vehicle, insulate your house better or even buy an electric bike. Overview of the help for individuals that the residents of the big city can benefit from.

#1. Help to buy a bike

There are many aids to buying a bicycle.
There are many aids to buying a bicycle. (©DR)
  • Help from the big city

Toulouse metropolis offers a cycling bonus to people who live on its territory and if reference tax income is less than 35,052 euros stock.

Aids that can be used to buy a bicycle, cargo bike, scooter or trailer, new or used, electric or not.

The aid is needs-tested and can go up to 600 euros for the purchase of cargo bikes with electric assistance.

Good news, the state subsidy for the purchase of a bicycle has just been reinforced, for all bicycle purchases that take place between 15 August and 31 December 2022. Please note, all state subsidies are limited to 40% of the purchase price of the bicycle.

For those whose reference tax income per unit is less than 6,300 euros, the support can go up to 150 euros for a bike, 400 euros for an electrically assisted bicycle, 2000 euros for cargo bike or electric trailer.

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For a reference tax income per unit of up to 13,489 euros, the support can go up to 300 euros for a VAE, 1000 euros for an electric trailer or a cargo bike.

If you get rid of an old or polluting vehicle at the same time, you can also benefit the conversion bonus for buying your electric bike (freight or not): up to 1,500 euros and even up to 3,000 euros if your reference tax income per unit is less than 6,300 euros.

Bonus: as part of this conversion bonus you can benefit from 1000 euros extra if you live or work within the boundaries of the ZFE.

That Occitanie region also helps individuals equip themselves with an electric bike, with the assistance of can be combined with that of the metropolis and the state. In an amount of 200 euros, it is reserved for those whose reference tax income per unit corresponds to the first income tax.

Please note that the region also offers an additional aid (cannot be combined with the first) to those who are lucky enough to have an employer who pays them the Sustainable Mobility package. They can thus claim a bonus ranging from 50 to 80% of the price of the bike, whether it is electric or not.

#2. For a car

The conversion bonus allows you to receive subsidies to buy a less polluting vehicle
The conversion bonus allows you to receive subsidies to buy a less polluting vehicle (©mmphoto / AdobeStock)

The low-emission zone of Toulouse, established in March 2022, covers a perimeter of 72 km², where the most polluting vehicles can no longer circulate. So far, only Crit’ Air 4 and 5 certified commercial vehicles and trucks are affected.

But on 1 January 2024, only vehicles certified Crit’air 1 and 2 will be able to circulate in Toulouse ZFE. To support those who will be forced to change vehicles, the city has created the bonus Vehicle + clean.

This support is intended for residents of the 37 municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​France whose taxable income is less than 35,052 euros per person. -emission vehicle (purchased or leased), new or used, of the same category.

The aid is provided according to means: it can go up to 5,000 euros for a new vehicle and can be combined with other public aid.

The Occitanie region also offers help with shopping a used electric or hybrid car. This eco-voucher can go up to 2000 euros and depends on the reference tax income (which cannot exceed 50,000 euros). It can be combined with the support of Toulouse Métropole.

In the case of bicycles, the government offers an ecological bonus and a conversion bonus (linked to the scrapping of an old petrol vehicle registered before 2006 or a diesel vehicle registered before 2011) with the purchase of a new new or used vehicle. The aid amounts depend on the income level.

For one new or used electric carthe conversion bonus can go up to 5,000 euros and the organic bonus up to 6,000. a plug-in hybrid, the bonus can go up to 5000 and the organic bonus up to 1000 euros. To a Criterion 1 thermal vehicleno organic bonus, but the conversion bonus can make it possible to obtain up to 1000 euros.

Note, for an electric two-wheeler, the conversion bonus makes it possible to obtain up to 1100 euros and the ecological bonus up to 900 euros.

Bonus: If you live or work in the ZFE and have benefited from local assistance, the conversion bonus can be increased, up to 1000 euros.

#3. To save energy

Help save energy by renovating your house.
Help save energy by renovating your house. (©DR)

Support panel forenergy upgrading of homes is huge. Most often, the support is calculated on the basis of the ecological benefit that the works provide. The process therefore begins most of the time with an energy audit of your home before the work. In this area, do not hesitate to contact a consultant with the French rénov’ brand, for example in the energy center of Toulouse Métropole, who can guide you.

Also read the (very complete) guidance from Ademe on financial support.

  • Support for the renovation of the metropolis

Since 2020, Toulouse metropolis has set up a panel for financial support for the renovation of private owners’ main residences without any means test. All these aids can be combined with each other and awarded when the work is completed.

That renovation bonus can thus reach 1000 euros for renovations, which gives the opportunity to reach 40% of energy savings. BBC renovation grant is paid for renovations that achieve the label “Building renovation with low consumption”: it can reach 5,000 euros.

In addition bonus for using biomaterials can go up to a maximum of 2500 euros.

Personal support

With Rénov occitanie, the Occitanie region offers personal support to guide you through the maze of energy renovation assistance. It will cost you 90 euros, and after an energy audit of your home, at least two work scenarios will be proposed to you: to reduce your energy consumption by 40% or to obtain the building’s low-consumption renovation label.
The consultant then accompanies in the selection of the offers and in the preparation of the requests for assistance as well as for the follow-up and the reception of the works (at a price of 490 euros).

Among the support offered by the region for energy renovation is the Rénov’Occitanie loan. With a duration of 4 to 22 years, it can go up to 75,000 euros.

For low-income households, cash advance is a loan at 0% for a period of 18 months, which makes it possible to limit or even eliminate the need to postpone the costs of the work (certain support is paid only when the work is completed).

The Energie rénov Occitanie bonus is linked to the valuation of the energy savings certificates (CEE) generated by your renovation work, it can be combined with all other financial support.

My renovation prize finances insulation, heating and ventilation work or an energy audit for a house or apartment. The amount of the support depends on the household’s income and the ecological benefit of the work, which must be carried out by a company with the RGE label (recognized as a guarantee for the environment). It can be combined with help from local authorities.

The zero-rate eco-loan allows you to finance certain types of work that allow energy renovation of your home and can go up to 50,000 euros. It can be combined with my Renovation bonus.

The energy saving assistance bonus is open to all households, owner or tenant, for insulation or heating work. The size of the premium depends on the household’s income.

For people with the lowest incomes, the energy check can be used to pay energy bills or renovation works. It can go up to 277 euros per year.

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