This 11.5kg Portable Solar Generator Will Never Let You Down (And For Good Reason)

It was during the last edition of IFA that Jackery, the market leader in portable solar generators, presented its brand new product: the Jackery 1000 Pro. A 1002 watt solar generator designed to accompany the most adventurous on all their travels.

If you are not a follower of van-life or a fine connoisseur of the world of solar generators, it is very likely that you do not know Jackery. However, this company founded in 2012 is currently the best selling brand of solar generators in the world.

It is with the ambition to make “green energy available everywhere on earththat Jackery has developed its products over the years. From the early Explorer to the 2000 Pro and the all-new 1000 Pro, the manufacturer has built a solid reputation with professionals and the general public.

Today, the brand has become a reference for off-grid travel enthusiasts and planet-conscious people. Each product in its own scale is a small event, and the very recent presentation of the Jackery 1000 Pro during IFA in Berlin was no exception to the rule. It must be said that this product has many advantages up its sleeve in terms of autonomy, charging speed and security. We explain everything about this solar generator that will never let you go (or almost).

Jackery 1000 Pro: the ideal solar generator to accompany all your travels

With the 1000 Pro, Jackery offers an evolution of one of its flagship references: the solar generator 1000. A real backup generator that can recharge a phone or a computer, but also supply several devices (boiler, speaker, video projector, TV ), this is product an important ally for all those who want to travel independently, far from cities, without depriving themselves of (partial) modern comfort.

That is why Jackery has taken special care with its new generator and has given it a design that is as compact as it is ergonomic. Weighing almost 12 kg, its relatively modest dimensions (34 x 26.2 x 25.6 cm) make it easy to transport in a van or motorhome. It also has a foldable handle for easy transport without affecting its ability to be stored.


On the output side, the Jackery 1000 Pro has three series of ports. It thus has:

  • two AC 230 V, 1000 W (2000 W max) outputs;
  • two 100W Power Delivery-capable USB-C ports and one Quick Charge 3.0-capable USB-A port;
  • a 12 V/10 A DC output.

Originally designed to be used outdoors (although it can also be used as a backup generator should the need arise), the Jackery 1000 Pro is designed to withstand the ravages of the weather. It is thus able to function in temperatures from -10 to 40 degrees, which is far from insignificant. Enough to make it an essential companion for your next expeditions.

A solar generator that relies on fast charging, autonomy and safety

To offer a generator capable of accompanying you everywhere in your adventures, Jackery has developed its 1000 Pro according to two main axes: autonomy (and fast charging) and safety.

The Jackery 1000 Pro is thus equipped with a 1002 watt battery that can be recharged from any outlet, but also, and above all, thanks to solar energy. A capacity that is impressive to say the least, and which, for example, allows you to run a laptop for about 12 hours or a mini air conditioner for 38 hours. Thoughtfully, it’s also capable of 365 days of standby on a full 80% charge (and that’s no small feat).

To complete this very nice autonomy, the Jackery 1000 Pro benefits from a fast charging that is impressive to say the least. Its 800W charging input port allows it to go from 0 to 100% in 1 hour and 48 minutes when paired with four SolarSaga 200 solar panels.


Security is an essential element for such a device, and Jackery has understood this well. And it starts with the battery monitoring system (BMS). This system, which is central to a generator of this type, monitors the monitoring of elements as crucial as the voltage, the temperature, the state of the load or the state of the cells, as well as the cooling. Here, Jackery has chosen an extremely modern system, which e.g. found in cars.

The two AC outputs have also been very nice. These pure sine wave outlets provide extra protection to devices connected to them to prevent damage. Finally, note that the Jackery 1000 Pro has level 9 impact resistance (IK 09), which makes it possible to ride even on the most chaotic roads.

SolarSaga 200 W or SolarSaga 80 W: choose the solar panel that suits your needs

In order for the Jackery 1000 Pro to reveal its full potential and act as a real solar generator, it is necessary to attach solar panels capable of capturing, as you can imagine, sunlight to convert it into energy. In this case, this model will probably work with two references of solar panels created by Jackery: SolarSaga 200 W and SolarSaga 80 W.

By choosing the 200W model, you will be able to get the most out of your Jackery 1000 Pro. The premium version of this solar generator is sold with 4 of them, which allows it to fully utilize its 800 W input port and therefore recharge at lightning speed. These panels are specially designed for use while roaming. They can thus be folded in on themselves for easy transport and take up as little space as possible. They also benefit from an IP67 certification that ensures their resistance to water.


The SolarSaga 80 W model, on the other hand, equipping the Jackery 1000 Pro 160 W package in duplicate, is intended as an alternative that is certainly less powerful, but also more convenient to transport. To compensate for this small footprint and ensure optimal capture of the sun’s rays, the SolarSaga 80 panels feature double-sided technology capable of increasing efficiency by 25% on most surfaces. In addition, its carrying case is equipped with a reflective coating, which further increases its ability to receive solar radiation. Last advantage, an IP68 certification, which guarantees their tightness against water or dust.

Experience the Jackery 1000 Pro solar generator

Hot on the heels of its IFA presentation, Jackery has launched pre-orders for its Jackery 1000 Pro. According to the information on the product’s Amazon page, deliveries should take place between September 21 and 22. If this generator catches your eye, you have the choice between two packages:

  • Jackery 1000 Pro 160 W, which includes the Jackery 1000 Pro solar generator and 2 SolarSaga 80 W solar panels. It costs 1699 euros;
  • Jackery 1000 Pro premium, also includes the Jackery 1000 Pro solar generator, but this time accompanied by the trifle of 4 SolarSaga 200 W solar panels A more muscular version, also in terms of price, since it is offered at 3899 euros.


The manufacturer also announced a pre-order promotion for its two packs. The first 300 buyers will be able to get a carrying case for the Jackery 1000 Pro.

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