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The leader of the rebels was criticized for his use of a vehicle that was considered polluting and on which was visible a cockade, reserved in particular for parliamentarians. According to a video seen by “CheckNews”, MP Adrien Quatennens was present at the back. The SUV, on the other hand, is a hybrid.

A political return marked by his exit. During a Nupes meeting on Saturday in Lille, Jean-Luc Mélenchon was not kind to the government’s policy on ecology. Attacks, which in turn earned him a volley of criticism on social networks. In question: a video showing the rebel leader getting into a Jeep SUV at Place Richebé.

Among its opponents, many have emerged from an interview with the online media Actu-environnement, conducted on March 30 before the presidential election. In this interview, Jean-Luc Mélenchon announced his desire to ban SUVs in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

Others, like the Alliance union, were surprised by the presence of a rosette on the windshield, while the rebel is no longer a deputy.

In response, the LFI deputy for Essonne and head of digital communication for Mélenchon, Antoine Léaument, provided a number of details on Twitter, explaining in particular that it was a hybrid car and that the deputy Quatennens was present in the vehicle.

Lille certainly has 230,000 inhabitants, a number well above the limit proposed by Mélenchon to ban SUVs. Joined by CheckNews, Jeep tempers this model’s polluting nature. That would be a Compass e-Hybrid. In other words “large 4×4 jeep” reviled by far-right MEP Gilbert Collard is a vehicle (made in Italy) that “can travel four to five kilometers in electric”. And the company to specify: “This model has an SUV body, but with a hybrid engine. Engine-wise, we are far from the most polluting models.

Video and audio equipment

Contacted by CheckNews, Antoine Léaument explains the choice of this vehicle, rented by the service provider Sixt at the Gare de l’Est in Paris, with the need to take charge of the video and audio equipment for the meeting. “For our trips we always take French cars, continues the deputy. This time we couldn’t because there was no one with a big chest among the agency’s choices.” The car therefore left Paris, with the communications team on board.

The dispute then escalated with a tweet from the police union Alliance. In this publication we find the same video of Jean-Luc Mélenchon greeting the audience and then getting into the jeep with a zoom on the roundel.

The end of the video broadcast of the syndicate shows Article 50 of Decree No. 89-655 of September 1, 1989 on the conditions of use of the latter. A text that recalls that the use of a rosette is only allowed for the President of the Republic, members of the Government, the Parliament, the President of the Constitutional Council or even the prefects and sub-prefects. It thus makes it possible to identify an elected official more quickly by citizens, police officers or even firefighters.

Although not explicitly stated in the tweet, the reminder of this text just after zooming in on the rosette suggests that this vehicle carrying a man who is no longer a deputy was not allowed to display this distinction.

As mentioned above, Antoine Léaument nevertheless claims that the LFI’s deputy from the north, Adrien Quatennens, was in the vehicle, thus invalidating the argument proposed by the police union.

“Anything that annoys Mr. Mélenchon makes us happy”

Images taken by LCI cameras, not broadcast but CheckNews could consult, make it possible to ascertain that the deputy from the north actually steps into the back of the vehicle, in the company of the rebellious Lise Maillard and a bodyguard. A confirmed version at CheckNews by two witnesses present at the scene.

Invited by CheckNews after this information, the Alliance still refuses to delete his tweet, which the union considers to be “humorous”.

“Anything that annoys Mr Mélenchon makes us happy because he says anything and everything about our trade union federation”, welcomes its general secretary, Fabien Vanhemelryck. Before issuing a convoluted argument: “If Adrien Quatennens is in the car, why try to justify this case?”

Contacted, Adrien Quatennens did not respond to our requests. Jean-Luc Mélenchon shared a press release on Tuesday in which he confirms the elements that Antoine Léaument has transmitted.

Leslie Souvanlasy and Arthus Vaillant

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