MAP. First car-free day in the cathedral district of Nantes: all the practical information

Why a car-free day?

It is a campaign pledge given by Johanna Rolland on the occasion of the municipal elections in 2020. The city wants to promote the use of soft modes and allow pedestrians and cyclists to more easily appropriate the spaces in the city of dukes. The Mayor of Nantes continues: This day should be an opportunity to show that from time to time we can all take other ways to move around in a peaceful public space..

Buses and two-wheelers?

Lines C1, C6, 11 and 12 will be diverted by Quai Ceineray and Rue Pitre-Chevalier to avoid Place Foch. Similarly, the terminus of line 4 of the e-busway will be at Duchesse Anne. Motorized 2-wheelers are prohibited in the area.

What circumference?

The perimeter extends from rue de Strasbourg, to quai de Versailles, rue Desaix, Lasne, Chanzy, near the mirror of water and Jardin des Plantes.

From 10:00 to 18:00, quai de Versailles at the water mirror, from rue de Strasbourg to Jardin des Plantes, no car will circulate on this perimeter | NANTES METROPOLIS PICTURE

Ten entertainment centers will be established, with the Place de l’Oratoire as the central reception area. An overview ? Quai Barbusse plays the zen card between yoga sessions, reading tours, massages and aromatherapy. Rue Salengro, board games are out with Spillehuset and the playful Sauce. Place Saint-Pierre, at 14:00 the company Bikes & Rabbits offers an electric concert on an acrobatic bicycle. Rue Joffre, always festive, changing concerts, street jams, introduction to swing dancing and DJ sets…details about the city.

On this occasion, the Piéto’Nantes Festival will take place, with a program imagined by traders and residents, in this car-free cathedral district, but also in the streets influenced by pedestrians: Beausoleil, Léon-Blum, Brossard, Cheval- Blanc, Saint-Léonard, Carmelites, Jamin and Maréchal-Joffre.

What do you think ?

On social networks, the circumference makes you smile… yellow: The ambitions for the city and its elected officials are very minimal. Even on a Sunday, the elected officials are horrified by the reception of Nantes residents by a very small question mark on the all-car model.writes one. Gagen, the perimeter roughly corresponds to the pedestrian zones… It is true that they are often invaded by cars (and scooters!)completes another.

And what do you think?

And the residents?

For the inhabitants of the concerned sectors, it will not be possible to drive within the perimeter, except in case of emergency. Certain parking spaces will be prohibited: rue de Strasbourg, place Dumoustier, place Salengro, place de l’Oratoire, quai Barbusse, rue Joffre, rue Geoffroy-Drouet, rue Clemenceau. Parking will be possible in the other streets and the Château and Cathédrale car parks, so that you avoid moving the car between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

And after ?

This first meeting will be long-term, warns the city of Nantes. This is the first, but the ambition is to install this event in time. If the first edition takes place in 2022, others will followexplains Simon Citeau, soft transport assistant. Each year the car-free day will take place in different locations.

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