How to turn off 5G on your Android mobile to save battery

Being connected to a 5G network gives access to a higher download speed, although it also indicates an increase in battery consumption. Fortunately, this can be avoided, how? Disable 5G on the phone.

If you have recently changed your old and beloved mobile that is compatible with 4G mobile networks to a terminal that can connect to 5G networks, then you will not only enjoy incredible download and upload speeds, but you may also notice a greater battery consumption.

Despite the fact that this type of connection is no longer typical for high-end and medium-sized mobile devices, terminals located in the middle and low range and which offer support for 5G-type mobile networks generally pose more than another problem related to autonomy.

Simply put, we can say that the customized (low-cost) phones that include processors compatible with 5G networks use much more battery than the chips included in more expensive terminals.

Likewise, it is well known that absolutely all Android phones (regardless of quality) use more battery when connected to 5G mobile networks (some more, some less). Fortunately, there is a small “trick” that can be performed to disable 5G of an Android mobile, a trick that saves battery power when browsing the Internet.

Why does connecting to a 5G network cause extra battery consumption?

How to turn off 5G on your Android mobile to save battery

5G increases the battery consumption of an Android mobile by up to 15%.

With more advantages than disadvantages, the transition from 4G to 5G has many advantages, as it is possible to achieve higher download speeds, better connection latency and a large increase in the number of users.devices that can be connected to communication towers at the same time. . But as with almost all technological advances, there are always downsides.

The biggest disadvantage of 5G is the increased power consumption. Since the terminals compatible with this technology must connect to a wider range of frequencies, the battery they contain must provide more energy to establish and maintain the connection.

So you can turn off 5G on your Android mobile to save battery

Before showing you all the steps to follow to disable 5G on your Android device, it is important to clarify that it will significantly reduce the speed of the Internet, that is, you will download and upload files much slower.

On the other hand, these steps that we will leave you below may vary depending on the mobile device you have. Likewise, the procedure is usually very similar in almost all Android phones.

Disable 5G on an Android mobile

It is recommended to disable 5G when there are no antennas compatible with this mobile network in the area.

  • Go to the settings of your Android phone.
  • Once you are on the configuration screen of your terminal, go to the “Internet and Network” section.
  • Therefore, click on the option that says “Mobile Network”.
  • Click on “Preferred Network Type”.
  • And finally, select the “4G” option.

Although we have not performed tests to check how much battery can be saved by disabling 5G on an Android mobile, some analyzes show that battery consumption is reduced by up to 15% when using 4G network mobiles.

Last but not least, we advise you from here to check if there are antennas that are compatible with 5G in the area where you are. If there is none, it is better to choose 4G as the preferred mobile network, because it will be useless for your terminal to constantly search for a network that it will never be able to connect to.

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