Here are 12 new pieces of furniture that are perfect for decorating your bedroom space from the start of the 2022 school year!

For the start of the school year, Ikea offers you the solution to restructure your bedroom. Discover its offer in this article!

The start of the school year is fast approaching. It is also an opportunity to renew everything in your life. Among other things, it is also synonymous with a new beginning!

Therefore, we advise you to put everything in order before D-day. Why not start with the decoration of your room? Ikea will guide you in this process!

Ikea: Optimize your life the Swedish way now!

Of course, we agree that everyone has their own personality. Besides, being authentic in relation to others is a virtue! Nevertheless, some examples arrange many things, and it would also be absurd to turn a blind eye to them. Especially as we approach this new beginning of the year, it’s passing up the chance of your life ! Here Ikea gives us a very tempting offer!

If you refuse, you may regret it long time. On the occasion of this return to school, Ikea has released new products on the shelves. This aims to restructure your interior! Specifically, your bedroom, as it is your favorite place in the whole house. In fact, you spend most of your time there!

We assure you that if you choose the Ikea strategy for this procedure, You will be satisfied ! In addition to selling you furniture, this famous brand shares its vision of life with you. The thing about making your dorm room elegant and spacious, even if it’s too small! How ? Don’t worry because this brand is already a professional in its trade!

For this purpose, the arrangement of this room becomes child’s play for the experts at Ikea. All you have to do is trust him and his expertise! In this way it will be easier for him to give a renewal to this place which is so dear to you. From a reliable source, there are already various design and movable furniture in the shelves that you will like!

Here are these new products that are meant to sublimate your spaces!

To begin, they are 12 to be listed in this interval news from Ikea. In order for you to make your choice without any problems, we will tell you about them below one by one! Buckle up because we’re about to start the proverbs! First of all, there is the new BRIMNES 2-person bench. It is white in colour. The brand delivers it to you for only 249 euros!

Next, if you are looking for type of bedside table, the brand can relieve you of this concern as well. An IKEA side table on wheels now stands in these shelves. It is signed KORNSJÖ. This has been a partner brand of the Swedish giants for years. If you want to buy some, it’s only 45 euros each!

Besides this wonder, Ikea also has another side table. This time it belongs to the BURVIK brand and the price is only 39.99 euros. In addition to these mentioned, wooden storage boxes are also available for this start of the school year. Made with KNAGGLIG pins, this storage will be offered to you for only 9.99 euros!

In addition to these numerous examples, there are also other very interesting types of Ikea storage. Only to discover them in more detail, you will have to take a little tour of their store. In this way you can find your great happiness. The one that will light up your bedroom this fall!

Ikea: The brand offers advice for your decoration projects!

Like being a distribution chain, Ikea can also take the place of your interior designer. When you arrive at the place, if you lack ideas for furnishing your room, he can also give you some tips. In addition, it brings together in its unit the best brands of interior designers in the world.

You can find them all in this Swedish store. In case of hesitation, they can refer you to a professional who can answer you. For example BRIMNES or MANDA! There are still many more for your choice. By being a subscriber to Ikea, it is certain that you will get a good discount!

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