Espace Auto-Entrepreneur: support for the creation of micro-enterprises

Espace Auto-Entrepreneur, a platform to simplify the creation of auto-entrepreneurs

Today, Espace Auto-Entrepreneur presents itself as a guide and partner for auto-entrepreneurs. Several thousand people have already trusted the platform to start a professional project. The primary goal of Espace Auto-Entrepreneur remains to facilitate the creation of micro-enterprises by giving everyone the opportunity to get started. For this, personal support has been thought through and support is available from Monday to Friday if the self-employed need it. At the same time, tools are made available in a personal space, such as the pre-filled activity declaration form. The price for setting up your own company via Espace Auto-Entrepreneur is 59 euros. This involves various services:

  • Creating the file.
  • Document verification.
  • A tailored follow-up to the request.
  • Personal space for a month.

Espace Auto-Entrepreneur is also present in the event of a change of status or cessation of activity.

Limited offer. 2 months for €1 without commitment

The creation of a micro-business with Espace Auto-Entrepreneur

Before starting an activity and becoming a freelancer, it is mandatory to create an online business. With Espace Auto-Entrepreneur, the procedure is quick. In addition to advising on the choice of activity and taxation, the platform offers a personal list of documents to be sent. Once the file is completed and checked by an expert, it is sent to the Business Formalities Center (CFE). In certain situations, it may be necessary to take additional steps before the creation of the sole proprietorship is validated. They can refer to the application for Acre, maintenance of social benefits or registration in the Trade and Companies Register.

Manage your micro business on a daily basis with Espace Auto-Entrepreneur

Becoming a freelancer also means managing your business on a daily basis. Once the micro-enterprise is created, it is possible to access its customer area, which is designed to facilitate the day-to-day management of the enterprise. Both powerful and ergonomic, it allows you to edit e.g. invoices and offers easier. A mandatory process in connection with a sale and proof of which must be kept for a minimum of six years. The personal space available through the Espace Auto-Entrepreneur platform therefore offers an invoice editing module. And if they can be saved online, it is also possible to download them in PDF version on a smartphone or computer. Estimates are not omitted as the accounting software includes a different creation module for them. Editing can then be done directly online, as well as their customization.

Get support in the development of your micro-enterprise

Over the years, a micro-enterprise develops. It may also face changes, especially in the event of relocation or cessation of activity. Espace Auto-Entrepreneur supports micro-entrepreneurs in these cases. The steps to be taken can be done directly from the platform. In the first case, it will e.g. be sufficient to follow these steps:

  • Fill in the identity of your micro-enterprise via personal information, the date of the move and the SIREN.
  • Select your APE code.
  • Communicate certain supporting documents.
  • Pay the fee of 49 euros and save the changes.

In case of closure of a business, the procedure to be followed is essentially the same.

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Espace Auto-Entrepreneur therefore appears to be an essential tool that allows you to quickly become a micro-entrepreneur while enjoying complete assistance. It gives you the opportunity to take advantage of many tools that facilitate the day-to-day management of an independent business. Customers love the platform, so all you have to do is get started. And if you hesitate because you already have an activity, know that it doesn’t matter. The auto entrepreneur scheme is open to everyone and gives you the opportunity to combine several professions. However, three clauses must be respected: the non-competition clause, the confidentiality provisions and the exclusivity clause. A point to take into account if you want to start entrepreneurship.



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