5 tips for choosing the right laptop

Too often, consumers are guided by their instincts without understanding things. When choosing a computer, however, there are a few important things to consider.

Take his time

Although it can be tempting to fall in love at the store, defining a budget and sticking to it is a mistake that many consumers tend to make, with regret, as they very often realize that their machine does not are able to do everything they set out to do. to do with it… For this reason, it is still best to plan your purchase and take advantage of the most advantageous offers.

We are of course thinking about the June sale, Black Friday or good back-to-school offers. But not only, because the advantageous offers are available all year round. Computer manufacturers regularly renew their product range and retailers generally do not hesitate to sell off products still in stock to make way for new products, with bargain promotions of -30, -40 and sometimes even -50% up for grabs .

A piece of advice: Don’t start with preconceived notions, search for good deals on the internet on platforms like Dealabs and give yourself enough time to find them.

Define your needs

“I bought this computer because I liked it” is the phrase to avoid at all costs. Let’s say it again: your computer’s design doesn’t matter.

To choose the right computer, you need to define your needs. Imaging and IT professionals will be inclined to turn to a machine with robust performance and a high-definition display. The students will be able to make do with a more rudimentary machine, but which preferably has solid autonomy. So there’s no point in falling for a computer with a superb 4K screen if you don’t need it. This can even put you at a disadvantage, as these machines are often more energy-intensive and have less autonomy…

Take the time to define what matters to you. Autonomy, screen, performance, connectivity and format are all points to think about.

Check the compatibility of its accessories

You probably already have several accessories, such as a wireless headset, portable hard drive or mouse. Before you take the plunge, make sure your new computer is compatible with all of these accessories. More and more machines tend to snub the USB port. Some computers are therefore only equipped with USB-C ports. Also, the jack port tends to disappear… Therefore, it is advisable to be aware.

That said, there are plenty of accessories that make old devices compatible with your new machine, “jack to USB-C” or “USB to USB-C” adapters, and even hubs that allow you to connect accessories from all types for his PC. Expect a slightly saltier tone though…

Focus on Windows first

Linux is great, MacOS too, but not necessarily for all profiles. Each operating system has its advantages and qualities. MacOS for example is a real treat to use, but Macs tend to be very expensive and it’s pointless to invest in one of these machines if you don’t have other compatible devices, Apple is betting a lot on the ecosystem .

Similarly, many teenagers may be tempted to invest in a Chromebook, a computer running Chrome OS. But be careful because if these are financially beneficial, they don’t allow you to run all the software. And there’s the drama at school…

Love it or hate it, Windows remains the reference ecosystem and in this sense remains a safe bet for buyers.

Do not buy abroad

One may be tempted to take a look abroad to see what is happening there. And it is true that in France and Germany the prices are sometimes very favorable… But beware of unpleasant surprises. In Germany you will always come across a QWERTY keyboard which you have to get used to… In France the AZERTY keyboard is also markedly different from the one used here… And it is not always easy to swap or replace your keyboard, a damaged model. Better to prioritize buying locally.

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