You can use laptop without battery

A laptop’s battery is extremely important. But can we do without it? Everything you need to know in this article.

The core element of a laptop is its battery. And sometimes it needs to be removed. It can happen that an old battery no longer charges at all, or that it deforms until it becomes dangerous. Once the battery is removed, the next most logical step is to replace it. But is it possible to do without it? The answer is yes (but it depends).

A laptop is still a computer. It does not need a battery to power all its components and these various components remain present when you remove the battery. A computer uses an external power source to function, just like your laptop. The charger is not only there to recharge the battery when it is almost empty. When you connect your laptop to the mains, the energy comes from the charger and no longer from the battery. We see it in macOS in the battery settings, with “Battery” as the power source, and as soon as you plug in the machine, the mention “AC adapter” appears.

The YouTuber Ask a computer geek has a very interesting video on the subject: he disconnects his laptop’s battery to show how it stays powered and works on mains. Of course, nothing happens when the power is interrupted, as with a desktop computer.

Not all laptops are created equal

This may be the case for Windows machines, but on macOS it’s a different story. Even though macOS tells you it’s running on the power adapter when you plug in the device, it’s not advisable to use a MacBook without a battery. The machine may not work at all.

If you can get a MacBook to start up without a battery, it will look like it’s five years old. This is because the operating system, recognizing the lack of battery, deliberately slows down the processor. Everything will remain operational, you can use the machine, but the experience will be significantly slowed down.

In fact, it is better not to give it a chance. If you need to remove the battery from your MacBook, replace it. And again, this advice applies to all laptops, inasmuch as the total removal of the battery loses the main interest of the laptop, its portability.

But the topic of this article isn’t whether you should use a laptop without a battery: it’s about whether you can. And we actually can. If you’re running your laptop without a battery, either to save money because you’re waiting for a new one or because it sounds cool, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To get started, be sure to use the charger that came with the device. Without a battery, the power supply must be completely identical to the one intended by the manufacturer. The slightest change in power represents a risk as there is no backup battery to take the hit.

You also have to be very careful with the data present now that you’re only running on the mains. In the event of a power outage or unplugging, your laptop will shut down immediately, putting the entire system at risk. Save all the time. Even better, use software with automatic backup.

Also remember to switch off your machine completely before unplugging it. You might be in the habit of unplugging before leaving the room, which you can’t in this case for several obvious reasons, but you should make sure the machine is 100% off before taking it with you. If it still shuts down when you unplug it, you may damage it.

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