Why equip yourself with solar panels with an electric car?

Solar panels are a great way to offset the cost of your monthly energy bill, reduce your home’s impact on the environment and provide many additional benefits such as contributing to energy independence and supporting local businesses.

You plan to install solar panels on the roof of your house or in your company headquarters? I would like to tell you about the four main advantages of solar panels:

Reduce or eliminate energy bills.

Even in a cloudy area, you should get more than two hours of sunlight a day. Opposite to, areas frequently exposed to the sun receive an average of 5.5 hours of sunshine per day.

Although cloudy days cause a decrease in solar energy production, solar panels can still draw power from the sun even when the sun is not present. Indirect sunlight, also known as diffuse sunlight, will still contribute to your home’s power supply.

The amount of electricity produced on cloudy days is normal between 10 and 20% of the amount produced on sunny days.

Get tax credits and discounts.

I hadn’t thought about how important this benefit was, but the solar panels on our roof are really paying off. When you complete your tax return for the year, you will be entitled to many aids that the government has introduced.

You can sell the excess energy you generate throughout the year to power companies, providing an excellent return on the initial investment. SRECs are generated continuously throughout the year.

Start saving from day one.

Annual electricity costs can run into thousands of euros. In fact, the annual energy consumption of a single person is on average EUR 3,052. This figure takes into account both residential energy costs and transport costs.

Installing solar panels immediately reduces or eliminates most of these extra expenses. They can also allow achieve long-term savingsbecause harvesting solar energy costs virtually nothing.

Solar panels increase your resale value. Most potential buyers are aware of what is involved when a house is equipped with solar panels, which is especially beneficial when the system is already installed andthey don’t need to make the initial investment or install the panels yourself.

According to the survey results, most homeowners experience an increase in resale value of $5,911 per installed kilowatts. This translates to a potential increase in the resale value of your property of over $18,000 if you install a system with a 3.1 kilowatt capacity.

Help the environment and help us all.

That solar system is capable of extracting unpolluted and uncontaminated energy from the sun. Their installation on the roofs of homes helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

When Fossil fuels such as coal and others used for electricity generation, they release toxic gases which are the main source of air pollution and global climate change. These gases contribute to the build-up of smog and other forms of air pollution.

Apart from being harmful to the health of the planet, fossil fuels are also a resource that will eventually run out. Therefore, their price changes constantly and can increase in a relatively short time.

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