Watts d’Or for electric car of the year: official opening of applications

The electric car’s Watts d’Or opens its call for applications for the Watts d’Or category of the Electromobility Innovation of the Year, it’s up to you!

News from Watts of gold : it’s progressing by leaps and bounds!

While the jury continues consultations and meetings (on video) to refine its vote while they wait the public one, which will be open at the end of this week to award the electric car of the year, we have created the dedicated page on Wattsdor.com. This is where you will find all the information about this event.

As a reminder to those who missed the previous episodes, Automobile Propre launches Ithe trophy for the electric car of the year, Watts d’Or Automobile Propre, to continue to be part of this movement and witness to its intact passion for automotive innovation. We actually think so our commitment to carbon-free mobility must not be incompatible with the car’s appealwhich remains and must remain a practical means of independence and freedom.

This trophy will be awarded on the evening of Thursday 10 November and the entire 100% digital ceremony will therefore be streamed on the internet.

The 3 categories in the competition are therefore:

  • Electric car of the year
  • Charging network of the year
  • This year’s innovation in electromobility

For the first category, the queen category, that of the electric car of the year, the reference period extends from 01/10/2021 to 30/09/2022. This means that all models (and their different versions) released and available on the French market during this period are affected. This represents 18 models available in 43 versions. It is a work of evaluation according to objective criteria (weight, autonomy, price, etc.) and subjective (sensitivity and affinity between the members of the jury and the public).

At the end of the voting, each model receives a number of weighted points, which makes it possible to establish a classification of the 18 models and the 43 versions in a mathematical and as precise as possible way. From this position, a number 1 will be released, which will therefore be the electric car of the year. A lot of work for the jury, but an exciting task to see develop according to the various selected parameters.

Call for applications

The third category “Electromobility innovation of the year” is an open category, which means that we have not established a list and that we rely on applications to define a ranking according to various criteria. We have already received many applications since the first announcements of the Watts d’Or, but we still want to expand the range of companies to be evaluated, because innovation is experiencing a strong acceleration in this area.

Now is the time to apply!

  • You are a newbie,
  • You are an equipment supplier with several years of activity and services or products related to the electric car,
  • You have invented a new entity in the electromobility sector,
  • You develop equipment for cars or for recharging,
  • You have developed a service, software or mobile application that facilitates travel with electric cars…

Send your application, and if it meets our selection criteria, we will validate it and include it in our list of nominees. To apply for the trophy Watts d’Or for Electromobility Innovation of the Year, it is here :

>> Apply

Next step, the opening of the vote to the public. You will be able to make your voice heard and contribute to this event, which we hope, through the Automobile Propre community, will have its impact on the electric car market and therefore the ear of the manufacturers. And the other way around.

We will post an article here at the end of this week to announce the opening of the public vote, stay tuned!

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