The new AS Monaco Performance Center under the microscope

With the inauguration of its Performance Center, AS Monaco now has an ultra-modern working tool dedicated to excellence. Discover all the information about the professional group’s new habitat.

A unique setting in the world

The Performance Center is located on a unique natural site that offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. In a limited and non-expandable space, the Performance Center is completely integrated into its environment, ensuring preservation and sustainability. The soil taken for the earthworks was then reused in the construction phase. Symbolic of the place, the cliff reminds us that the Performance Center is located on an old quarry, from which the extracted masses helped to build the district of Fontvieille, the extension to the sea, where the Louis-II Stadium is built.

A place dedicated to performance

The Performance Center responds to President Rybolovlev’s wish to, upon his arrival at the head of the club, provide AS MONACO with an ultra-modern working tool for the present and the future. He thus wants to place the players in the professional group under optimal conditions so that they can reach a level of performance in accordance with the club’s ambitious sporting project. Inspired by the most modern training centers in Europe, especially Tottenham, after several initial visits, the Performance Center responds to AS MONACO’s 3 performance pillars: training, nutrition and recovery. Located on a very limited area, the complex was piloted by AS MONACO’s operational management and thought through in collaboration with the local authorities, the architect Frédéric Genin and the ARCH Monaco firm.

The key figures

5 hectares of landscaped area
12,000 m² built-up area in the new building
3 pitches, of which 1 is FFF/UEFA approved
7 levels dedicated to the professional group
280 seats in the stand next to the first training pitch
An investment of 55 million euros has been made


June 2018: start of work
May 2019: implementation of the first foundations
June 2021: delivery of the first part of the infrastructure and handover of the keys to AS Monaco
September 2022: complete delivery of the Performance Center

Key spaces

The fields:
3 pitches (including 1 UEFA / FFF approved) are now available for the professional group, i.e. 1 extra pitch. A stand with 280 seats is adjacent to one of them, making it possible to welcome the crowd during professional group training and to play Youth League matches (U19 group).

The dressing room:
Located in the heart of the Performance Center, the changing room is designed as a veritable skylight, around which a maximum of the players’ needs are met.
The wardrobe consists of 38 seats, each with a storage box and a digital screen.

The gym :
A large and bright room facing a huge bay window with a direct view of the courts allows the players to carry out their preventive work and their bodybuilding sessions in an optimal setting. The room is directly connected to the offices of the performance cell on the second floor of the room.
Divided into several specialties (physical preparation, medicine, nutrition, sports science, etc.), the main task of the performance unit is to collect, store, analyze and use all the sports and physiological data of the players.

The medical room:
Equipped with several specific rooms for doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists and psychologists, the medical department is connected to the cloakroom and to the entire perimeter dedicated to performance. With its design, it thus makes it possible to pay close attention to the players and ensure their availability at all times.

The balneotherapy is spread over two levels, in a room dedicated to the recovery of players and the rehabilitation of the injured. Hot bath, cold bath, sauna, hammam, specialized equipment for rehabilitation such as AlterG or HydroWorks, well-being in the service of performance is one of the keys to the project.

Equipped with 5 capsules in which players can rest between two training sessions in the best possible conditions (light therapy, mattresses perfectly adapted to the needs of high-level athletes, relaxing music), the Dream Box room is conducive to recovery.

The cafeteria:
Modular and versatile space with a capacity of 56 seats (+ 24 seats in a privatized room), the cafeteria is where the players and staff share their breakfast and lunch together. In a social and educational spirit, the kitchen and its hydration station are open to the room and its terrace facing the grounds.

While preparing 100% homemade dishes, an organic vegetable garden allows the catering service to promote local and seasonal produce. The short circuit par excellence. Present at every meal, a nutritionist accompanies the players daily in their diet.

The auditorium:
With a capacity of 80 people, this versatile and bright space hosts the club’s press conferences, around sixty each season. The auditorium can also accommodate sports staff and players.

The panoramic terrace:
Located on the top floor of the building, the panoramic terrace offers views of the entire site and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. Solar panels are installed in this room, making the Performance Center self-sufficient in hot water production and reducing its consumption of natural gas.

Frédéric Genin’s eye, architect-project manager: “At the source of a project there is always an ambition and often the desire to see a dream come true. I had the chance to meet Dmitry Rybolovlev, who wanted to see his team develop in a training center worthy of the most advanced in Europe. The site alone is a challenge. This former quarry does not have the ideal dimensions to install a building of more than 12,000 m² and several training courts. The solution was to question all the established principles in order to optimize every square meter and every piece of grass. Positioned lengthwise on a north/south axis, this space is open to extreme ideas and a conscious and uncompromising design. The real key was to place the building on its northernmost border to free up space and give way to the training grounds alone. Thus positioned, the building could now face all its challenges: to house the many services dedicated to the first team and to be the symbol of a new stage that the club wants to cross. We have given the building its own identity, both contemporary to give it a true modernity and durable to place it in a timelessness worthy of the greatest sporting institutions. The AS MONACO Performance Center now gives way to what it should be, namely the best possible tool for the club to reach the level of performance in line with its ambitions and offer success and sporting success to its supporters. »

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