Samsung updates its foldable phones and smartwatches with surprise: all the news

The latest generation of Samsung Galaxy Z and Galaxy Watch are updated with good news.

You don’t need one of the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Samsung Galaxy Watch5 to take advantage of Samsung’s latest software innovations. The company announced today the arrival of a new update for the previous generation Galaxy Z and Galaxy Watch series, which includes many new features from the new version of One UI.

Galaxy Z Flip3, Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Watch 4 are the first models that Samsung has chosen to upgrade to the latest version. However, older Z-series models will also receive such an update sooner rather than later.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, inner screen

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is updated with the new functions of the Z Fold 4.

One UI 4.1.1 is coming to previous Galaxy Z series models

As the company itself announced, One UI 4.1.1, the version that debuted with the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4, will soon come to previous models in the family. The first to receive the update will be the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, and later the previous models in the series up to the first generation.

This update is based on Android 12L, the system version that acts as a transition between Android 12 and Android 13 and introduces specific improvements for foldable and large-screen devices.

How does Android 12L differ from Android 13? That’s what you need to know

In this sense, One UI 4.1.1 in Z Fold, Z Fold2 and Z Fold 3 introduces a new lower taskbar that provides quick access to any of our applications or to quickly switch between them.

One UI Taskbar 4.1.1

The taskbar is one of the coolest additions in the Android 12L update.

Apart from this, One UI 4.1.1 also includes a feature to quickly open apps in split screen mode. How it works is simple: just drag an app icon from the taskbar to an area of ​​the screen and it will automatically cover that area, leaving the other free for any other app you want to run simultaneously. .

Multitasking in one user interface 4.1.1

One UI 4.1.1 improves multitasking on large screen devices.

Galaxy Z Fold owners will also be able to take advantage of new gestures to make the most of multitasking or the ability to preview an image on one of the two screens when taking a photo.

For its part, the Galaxy Z Flip has been updated to introduce the FlexCam feature. Thus, it is now possible to preview and take photos in their true proportions on the phone’s smaller screen, and can even enable portrait mode. You can also switch between QuickShot and Flex modes while taking a photo or recording a video.

FlexCam on the Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung has updated the QuickShot feature on the Galaxy Z Flip.

The Z Flip’s exterior screen is the one that got the most new features with this update. With One UI 4.1.1, it is possible to make calls, reply to messages with text or emojis and enable or disable various options via quick settings.

The update will start rolling out to the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 from September 5. Other models will have to wait.

One UI 4.5 will only be available on the Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung is not forgetting its watches from the pre-Galaxy Watch5 series and has confirmed that the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic will soon be able to benefit from the update to One UI 4.5. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch3 will also receive an update to introduce a few new features specific to this version.

The OneUI 4.5 update brings a new collection of faces seen on the Watch5 series and an improved QWERTY keyboard with voice recognition and freehand typing.

New faces on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5

Samsung has updated the Galaxy Watch4 to introduce new Galaxy Watch5 features, including new faces.

In addition to this, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 will receive two new watch faces, snore detection and an update to the Samsung Health Monitor app, which introduces blood pressure and ECG functions. They will be available in 24 different countries.

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