Mobility fair in Saint-Brieuc. Is it time to switch to the electric car?

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Drivers who want to change cars must choose between the current model with a combustion engine, or hybrid, and the 100% electric model. In Saint-Brieuc, an e-mobility fair was held this weekend to help make this choice and answer the questions and fears of interested parties.

Many of you are wondering if the time has come to switch to electric cars, but the current context and certain information circulating on the Internet may make you hesitate. To feed your thoughts, you had the e-mobility fair held in Saint-Brieuc in the Côtes-d’Armor over the weekend. The price of electric cars is also something that needs to be cooled.

A binding order deadline

If the price of electricity remains lower than all fuels, isn’t it wiser to wait for mass sales and lower prices? The answer to Régis Jouanny, Ford dealer in Saint-Brieuc, interviewed by Yann Launay:

“You have to forget the fact that cars are going down in price. Honestly, I think it’s only going to go up because technologies are more and more expensive and more and more are needed. Unless the global market for components suddenly collapses, which would be quite surprising, we must forget that… If you buy it early, you will have fewer unpleasant surprises than in the long run. Considering the deadlines anyway, the vehicle you order today, in most brands, you will have it in 6 months, even 8 months, even 1 year.” The used rating remains very strong for electric cars in all ranges.

Régis Jouanny, Ford dealer in Saint-Brieuc

Credit: Yann Launay

Recharging in the low season

Switching to the electric car while the government is talking about possible power cuts this winter, is it really reasonable? California, for example, has just asked owners of electric cars not to recharge them between 16.00 and 21.00, to protect the electricity grid. To Gabin Lucas, electric car salesman and organizer of the Saint-Brieuc show, it is above all a matter of common sense:

Everyone should charge during peak hours, not in the middle of the afternoon when everyone is working and needs power. The charging time must be optimized after consumption peaks.” For Gabin Lucas, seller of electric cars, there is “Terminals offer it: if a residential area has a peak in consumption between 4.30pm and 9pm, the voltage to recharge your electric vehicle will be lower, but from the moment this time has passed, you can recharge your vehicle at full power.”

A terminal problem

Some pictures of cows this summer, in front of charging stations, can also be scary. However, according to this Briochin seller, this situation is not inevitable, and there is not necessarily a need to multiply the number of terminals by 100, you need to start training drivers of electric cars: “there are lots of people who don’t know how to choose their charging station in relation to their vehicle : if we have a car that charges at 40 Kw, if the person arrives at a terminal that delivers 250 Kw, he will find himself charging at only 40 because that is his ceiling, and cars that need 230 or 250 Kw, will have to wait for the little car to charge up. If she had chosen a 50 Kw terminal, she would have left her seat, she would have taken a less used terminal, and two vehicles could have charged during that time.

Gabin Lucas, exhibition organizer

Credit: Yann Launay

Electric mobility exhibition - truck

And now the electric truck!

It is often thought of as belonging to science fiction, and yet the electric heavyweight is developing: a 100% electric Mercedes model was exhibited at the Saint-Brieuc exhibition. Mass production of the eActros has just started, and for Ronan Blochet, expert instructor for the Etoile de l’Ouest groupthis truck is not a gadget: “on this vehicle we go up to 300 km depending on the number of battery blocks we can go up to 400. This will be the everyday life of some carriers tomorrow. These are vehicles for the moment that are pretty much calculated for the last kilometer, on the approach to the city and in the city center. Brands like Mercedes expect these rules to come, with entry bans in certain city centers.”

An electric scooter for 12,000 euros

Sales of electric scooters are constantly increasing, and a model presented at the Saint-Brieuc exhibition is a real success, in cities such as Rennes and especially Nantes. The machine still costs 12,000 euros, but for Antoine Pereira, Head of Marketing at BMW Motorradthe advantages of this scooter explain its success: “The CE 04 has 130 km of autonomy and its center of gravity is so low that it is easy to handle in the city; its wheelbase is wide enough, for ring roads, highways, it will not move at all, it can go to 110 without problems. It’s an easy scooter to handle, with a 125 driving license and 7 hours of training you can drive there without any problems.”

Antoine Pereira, Head of Marketing at BMW Motorrad


Credit: Yann Launay

electric scooter

A garage dedicated to electric models

An electric car requires less maintenance than a thermal car, but in the event of a breakdown the bill can increase. It is to combat this phenomenon and to extend the life of electric vehicles that Alexis Marcadet has created “Uprising“, one of the (very) rare workshops specializing in electric cars:

“A mechanic does not necessarily have the expertise, the ability to get to the bottom of the breakdown. Often you will be asked to replace a component rather than see what is wrong with the component. On the electric it is particularly clear because there are certain elements which very quickly offer offers of 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 or even 10,000 euros for the battery packs. We think we should open these bodies, typically a charger, a battery, an inverter, and see what could be wrong with them. The car behind you for example was a small part, a sensor, we managed to find the fault, we changed it, it must have cost around 1000 euros, whereas the basic estimate was tens of thousands of euros.”

Alexis Marcadet

Credit: Yann Launay

A first Revolte garage has already been open for a few months in Rennes, and a large garage will be inaugurated in Nantes (Carquefou) in a month. The e-mobility fair was held at the Saint-Brieuc exhibition center this weekend.

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