How to choose the right room?

Coworking has become a very popular way of working in recent years. Dedicated premises for this purpose have sprung up throughout France, including in the Essonne department.

Indeed, there are several coworking spaces in Evry and throughout the department that welcome business managers and freelancers looking for the ideal collaborative environment to increase their productivity.

But how do you choose a room that suits your needs? What criteria should be taken into account? We guide you.

Choosing the right location for your coworking space in Evry

The geographical location is the first criterion taken into account in the search for the most suitable coworking space in Evry. For an effective choice, four main parameters can be considered:

Proximity to your home or your employees’

If you are a freelancer, it is ideal to choose a coworking space close to your home. You will be able to get there without wasting time on transport or without walking for several ten minutes.

If you plan to settle with business partners, consider the majority residence instead. In particular, this can simplify the organization of periodic meetings or gatherings.

Proximity to transport networks

The town of Evry is served by a fairly extensive transport network. You have several bus lines, with several stops, but also a SNCF station.

If you have regular meetings with your clients, choose a coworking space installed close to the train station or a bus station. This will make your premises more easily accessible.

Access to parking

Regardless of whether it is for you, your employees or your customers who come by car, remember to make sure that parking is available. For this purpose, it is ideal to find a coworking space with free parking spaces nearby. Enough to park and work without worrying about the parking meter.

Coworking in Evry: choose according to the environment

The location of the coworking must not be out of the way and far from any commercial activity.

choose one space close to restaurants, a pharmacy, a mini market or even shops. So you can, for example, go out for lunch at noon or do a bit of shopping on the way home in the evening.

Also visit the premises to make sure you are comfortable there. If you are uncomfortable in a work environment, you will not be able to be productive there.

The facilities offered

Each coworking space offers a range of services:

  • Internet connection ;
  • Private offices;
  • Telephone box;
  • Conference room ;
  • Printers;
  • Kitchen;
  • Relaxation area.

Consult those offered by the rooms installed in the areas that interest you and make sure they actually meet your needs.

For example, if you are sensitive to noise and find it difficult to concentrate in a noisy environment, private offices are essential. Likewise, if you like to exercise after your day at work, a room with a gym will be an excellent choice.

And finally the prices…

The prices for coworking spaces in Evry depend on the services offered, the location of the space and the available equipment. They can be set per hour, per day or even per month. In addition, special advantageous packages are often offered depending on the regularity.

Do not hesitate to discuss it directly with the managers! And of course, before you make your choice, take your time compare several offers taking into account your budget, your project and your current needs.

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