Decazeville. Alice Mescolini in the creative space in Atelier +

Atelier + store, located at 1225, côte des Estaques, in Decazeville, has been selling “second-hand” goods since 2020. However, Blandine Pascal, manager of the site, wanted to promote manual work by creating a “nursery for artisans”.

The idea is “that second hand allows the shop to run and thus be able to offer the creators the opportunity to settle”.

It is done with the installation of the artist Alice Mescolini.

The art and his travels fuel his creativity

Alice Mescolini is a 30-year-old young woman from the Mosel who arrived in Aveyron in 2020. As a child, Alice is very happy to “play with different things”, she is driven by the desire to discover. In high school, she pursued a “visual arts” option. As a student, she obtained a Fine Arts degree in Mosel and a Master’s degree (2018) at the National School of Arts in Villa Arson in Nice. At the same time, she is studying ceramics in Vallauris.

During her studies, she carried out various interventions with different target groups. Yes, from the start she seeks the connection with the other: “personal creation is interesting when the technique can be shared with people”.

After Fine Arts, Alice traveled to different continents for four years “to discover the world” and became interested in people and different cultures. These trips will feed his art: “the ideas, the techniques I got during these trips inspired me a lot to create”. She is passionate in South America (Argentina, Chile) for the technique of macrame for example. In April 2021, she opened her business “Lesidées d’Alice”. Her various creations of jewelry, ceramics, etc. are for sale on Facebook and Instagram and on Decazeville, at Atelier +.

Pottery Discovery Workshops

From now on, Alice Mescolini wants to discover her art to the people who want it. This summer she thus opened a workshop for children with the theme of African masks.

The children were accompanied by a musical atmosphere to create “a bubble to promote creation”. From September, Alice Mescolini will lead workshops for children and adults to “discover ceramics, model, decorate and invent”.

“The idea is that at each session each person makes a complete item that they will recover a little later after cooking”.

Each workshop will have its own theme:

“The creations are linked to the seasons”, such as the creation of decorations for holidays such as Christmas…

Each participant will work on “modelling and decorating”. Modeling is “making a piece of clay without turning”. For the decoration, engober, “ceramic paint”, will be used. Alice takes care of the firings that cannot be made at the time of the workshop. The motto of the workshops is “creativity” and “there are many ways to be creative with clay”.

Two workshops are offered per month: one Wednesday and one Saturday.

In the morning from 9.00 to 12.00 for adults and in the afternoon from 14.00 to 17.00 for children. The 1st workshop focuses on plant impressions on Saturday 17 September and Wednesday 28 September.

Opportunity to do a pottery discovery workshop and then enroll in courses that run throughout the school year to learn new techniques and make different creations.

Prices are falling, the goal “is to make prices accessible to everyone”. They take into account the costs necessary to set up the workshop. Alice provides all equipment, all materials such as engobes and cooks the productions with gas. The workshops last three hours, with generally two hours of modeling and one hour dedicated to decorating.

1 session: 35 euros, 3 sessions: 95 euros, 10 sessions: 300 euros.

For further information and registration: or 0 650 480 464

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