Galaxy Book2 15 review: Samsung’s return to the laptop


The Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 is decked out in a sober anthracite gray dress that is simply adorned with a shiny logo on the hood. However, the coating tends to retain fingerprints easily and is quickly covered with fingerprints.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 15

The Galaxy Book2 15 has a charcoal gray coating.

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Opening the screen reveals a piano in the same color as the cover, with a keyboard with black keys. The screen edges are relatively narrow.

Keystroke quality is decent. It is especially the grainy coating of the keys and the somewhat rough serigraphy that give it a low look. The main drawback is the lack of backlighting, all the more annoying for an almost tone-on-tone keyboard. Note in passing the lack of consistency on the keyboard, with terms translated into French (“Enter” key on the classic keyboard) and others left in English (“Enter” key on the numeric keypad). We also regret that the home button (top right of the keyboard) is not noticeably better than that. You’d also think it’s equipped with a fingerprint reader, but it’s not; forget the session lock from the end of the index finger.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 keyboard keyboard

The keyboard has no backlight.

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The sliding of the touchpad, on the other hand, is pleasant, and the Windows gestures are well taken into account. However, left and right clicks tend to sink a bit too much, and the click in the center of the pad is particularly stiff, making one-finger or drag-and-drop selections impractical, especially on the upper part of the pad. touch pad.

Samsung hasn’t skimped on the connection and includes no less than two USB-C 3.2 ports, an HDMI port and a USB 3.2 port right on the left side of the laptop. The other side has another USB 3.2 port, a microSD reader and a mini-jack connector. It is therefore error free on this page.

Samsung galaxy book2 15 I/O ports

Two USB-C 3.2 ports, an HDMI port and a USB 3.2 port just on the left side (another USB 3.2 port, a microSD reader and a mini-jack connector are on the right side).

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Wireless connectivity is entrusted to the Intel AX201 chip, which allows the Galaxy Book2 15 to benefit from Wi-Fi 6 at 2400 Mb/s and Bluetooth 5.2. On the other hand, the webcam is less festive with its 720p sensor. The rendering is just right for video conferencing in good light; the lack of detail is evident and the digital noise is especially present in low light.

In the shadow

In good light

The cooling of the Galaxy Book2 15 is provided by a single fan accompanied by a radiator and a heat pipe. It’s all properly sized to cool the Core i7-1255U, which, let’s remember, is a low-power 15-watt processor.
Under our thermal camera, after processor-intensive coding, we recorded 42°C at the hottest point on the keyboard. The touchpad and the right half of the keyboard remain cool and have been measured at less than 30°C. However, you should avoid placing your fingers on the right part of the hinge, where the hot air extraction is located.
The noise pollution emitted by the Galaxy Book2 15 is controlled (34.1 dB measured in our new sound laboratory). In use, the Galaxy Book2 15 is unobtrusive, but its fan tends to activate frequently.

samsung galaxy book2 15 photo thermal heater

The Galaxy Book2 15 heats especially above its processor and at the hinge, at the level of the hot air extraction.

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Dismantling takes place without any particular problems. Just remove four pads to access the chassis opening screw. It is more gentle to cut the hull and you have to be patient not to break the retaining clips.
If access is easy, opportunities for development and repair remain slim. Only the battery and the SSD are removable, the wifi card and the RAM are welded. Nice surprise though, the second free M.2 slot allows you to add an SSD. Samsung advertises a repairability index of 8.7/10 for our model under test.

samsung galaxy book2 15 open components ssd M.2

A second M.2 slot allows you to add an additional SSD.

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Editor's rating: 3 out of 5


Samsung has given us a Galaxy Book2 15 equipped with an Intel Core i7-1255U processor accompanied by 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. As a reminder, the Intel Core i7-1255U uses the architecture hybrid Alder Lake with 2 hyperthreaded performance cores and 8 efficient cores. The manufacturer has respected Intel’s recommendations for its thermal envelope: 15 watts with a very punctual boost to 32 watts.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 performance intel core i7-1255U

Processor performance index (the bigger the better).

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The Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 thus equipped achieves a performance index of 89. It is slightly behind MSI’s Modern 15 (95), but the latter boosts its processor with an envelope of 45 watts, which requires very regular frequency reductions. . The Honor MagicBook 15 equipped with its AMD Ryzen 5 5500 processor is very slightly behind with an index of 87. It is clear that the Core i7-1260P and Core i7-12700H, which respectively equip the Galaxy Book2 Pro and MateBook D16, are far ahead .

During our coding to simulate practical use, the Core i7-1255U’s P cores operate at an average of 2.66 GHz, and its thermal envelope was raised to 15.6 watts. Expected behavior and low consumption that confirm our impression of the cooling system.

The SSD integrated by Samsung is an in-house model, the PM991a. In the Galaxy Book2 15, it reaches 2.2 GB/si reading and 1.21 GB/si writing. These speeds are slightly below average, but more than enough to ensure the responsiveness of the operating system and short boot times.

Editor's rating: 3 out of 5


The screen of the Galaxy Book2 15 offers a modest technical data sheet. The 15.6-inch PLS panel displays 1920 x 1080 px at 60 Hz and has a matte finish.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 screen

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 is not particularly sensitive to reflections.

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By default, our probe reveals a panel that lacks fidelity (delta E measured at 4.2, with a particularly marked drift on blue). Contrast is weak, at 855:1, while the average of panels tested recently is around 1200:1. The color temperature is too high and stands at 7493K, well above the video standard (6500K), which results in a somewhat cold rendering.

The maximum brightness of the panel is 329 cd/m², a value in the average of the laptops tested, and which allows you to take full advantage of the Galaxy Book2 15 indoors. In addition, the plate’s low reflectance (22% of reflected light) eliminates unwanted reflections.

Samsung offers software that allows you to slightly correct the colorimetry. To do this, open Samsung settings and select the “Photography” profile, then lower the temperature to a minimum in the advanced settings. This results in a delta E of 3.8 and a temperature of 6859 K. However, the contrast suffers severely and drops to 432:1.

Editor's rating: 3 out of 5


The sound reproduction of the Galaxy Book2 15 is provided by two speakers located under the chassis. The sound quality therefore depends on the surface on which the laptop rests and the position of the hands on the keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 15

In the foreground left speaker; in the background, the two M.2 slots.

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Listening reveals a volume that is large enough to see series even a few meters from the Book2 15. The sound reproduction, on the other hand, is very hollow, with an obvious lack of bass and midrange.

The headphone output will be able to compensate for the speaker’s shortcomings, the measurements on the latter are quite respectable, apart from the somewhat low output power. Headphones with high impedance must therefore be avoided.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 Average PCs tested
Output level 94mVRMS 156mVRMS
Distortion+noise 0.021% 0.014%
Dynamic range 103dB 100dB
Crossword puzzle -58dB -64dB
Editor's rating: 3 out of 5

Mobility / Autonomy

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 occupies an area of ​​35.6 x 22.9 cm contained in a thickness of 1.55 cm. Its weight is the same (1.55 kg, to which must be added 148 g for the 45 W charger). Above all, it will be necessary to find a bag that is able to accommodate this large format.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 15

The 45W charger is compact and the USB-C cable is removable.

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It’s a cold shower after the autonomy measurement: with its low-power processor, the Galaxy Book2 15 did not exceed 6 hours of video playback on our usual protocol (200 cd/m² screen, Netflix under Chrome). Admittedly, its 54 Wh battery does not provide the best capacity, but the Honor MagicBook 15 reaches almost 8 hours with a comparable battery and a Ryzen 5 5500U processor. You should therefore think about taking the charger on board if you are leaving for the day.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 15

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 lasts almost half as long as the Pro version.

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Strong points

  • Plug included.

  • Discreet ventilation.

  • Compact charger.

  • Free M.2 slot.

Weak points

  • Autonomy.

  • Non-backlit keyboard.

  • No biometrics.


Global brand

Editor's rating: 3 out of 5

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The Samsung Galaxy Book2 15 showcases extensive connectivity and great performance. Unfortunately, they are achieved at the expense of a barely satisfactory autonomy, far from the Pro version of the laptop. The lack of backlight and fingerprint reader is also a bit stingy, especially when your name is Samsung and you sell smartphones almost all equipped with these accessories.

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