Why buy this laptop if you are a student and not a MacBook Air

The students need power, but also something they can handle and something light.

The new course is here and there are many students and teachers starting to prepare the courses now. Many parents want their children to have the best equipment, the latest computers, so that they can face a new year filled with jobs, homework, exams and lots of studying. Today I will recommend this HUAWEI laptop for many reasons.

Although I have always recommended the purchase of a MacBook Air for students and teachers, today I focus on students (and parents) whose resources are more limited and cannot afford the 1,000 euro expense that the Apple device costs. This HUAWEI has everything to complete the academic year and beyond.

HUAWEI MateBook D15

Buy the cheapest, most powerful and reliable Windows laptop

HUAWEI MateBook D15

HUAWEI’s laptop is a great option for college students under $500

HUAWEI has a series of high-performance laptops in its catalog, but also much more affordable computers. This D15 model is in an affordable price range and a balance in terms of power and options. Although there is the larger HUAWEI MateBook D16, I prefer to focus on this D15. I know I can’t compare this model to a MacBook Air in general, but I will highlight the aspects that a student needs and for which I now recommend this model:

  • Size: This is a slim laptop, not at Apple level, but with a very portable size. It is only 1.69 cm thick and weighs 1.56 kg. Remember that the MacBook Air weighs 1.37 kg and this one from HUAWEI has a larger screen. This screen goes up to 15.6 inches, which is already 2.3 inches more. A student does not have to constantly strain their eyes or get close to the screen, so the size of the HUAWEI device suits them better.
  • Power and capabilities: Apple’s M1 chip has been amply demonstrated to have swept away the rest of Intel and AMD at the time. But a student does not need the highest power to work, do homework or video calls with the class group, but high enough power to perform these tasks with solvency. This HUAWEI model has an AMD Ryzen5 5500U processor with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal SSD memory. Memory problem: The most basic MacBook Air, which costs more than 1,000 euros, has only half the storage space of this HUAWEI.
  • Ease of use: The vast majority of students in our country have been using Windows for years, changing the operating system will cost them time to adapt. I have Windows and macOS and sometimes it’s hard for me and I’ve been using Windows for over 20 years, I don’t want to imagine a young boy using macOS for the first time and with the start of the course right there. Windows is easy to use, tools are more at your fingertips, and this template already comes with a Windows 11 license.
  • Materials: Both computers have a high-quality brushed aluminum case, the Apple computer seems sturdier, but not by much. So at first glance and when I hold them both in my hand, I can’t see the difference of about 600 euros between the two.

HUAWEI MateBook D15

For these reasons and for the price more than anything else, this HUAWEI MateBook D15 is an option to keep in mind if you lack a computer for this course or need an extra one to be able to come to the institute or university sporadically to do group work or presentations. He is solvent with anything you may be asked to do in your training center, I promise you.

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