The intersection between communities, between business and solving problems at the fair

This Friday, September 2 and Saturday, September 3 is the 13th edition of the Carrefour des Collectivités Territoriales. An unavoidable event for elected officials.

“The installation is done in half a day, it does not require a concrete slab, there is natural ventilation and there is no smell! » Jean-Pierre Meneux is sales manager for Sanisphere, an SME based in Drôme. Him, his job is to sell dry toilets as he prefers to call “autonomous”.
“When mayors come to see me, their concerns are related to maintenance and smell. This is precisely our strength. The cabin is cleaned with a water hose. As for odors, there are none thanks to the ventilation of the cabin carried out by sucking air through the bowl .” the principle? Everything is drained into the ground. Solid waste separated from urine becomes conducive to the appearance of worms, it becomes compost, and the waste evaporates. “It costs between 25,000 and 30,000 euros”, tell the seller. And it never fails! If his company is present for the first time at the Foire de Châlons, he has already done so for another company.

A total of sixty-two exhibitors came to the Carrefour des Collectivités organized by the association of mayors and presidents of intercommunals of the Marne, spread over 1,000 m². It opened its doors yesterday and closes this Saturday, at the end of the day.

“It is important to be present, the stakeholders make proposals to us, we negotiate on current or future services”

“It is important to be present, says Claude Guichon, business manager, mayor of Bussy-le-Repos and former president of the commune of Côtes-de-Champagne-et-Val-de-Saulx, for which he still works one day a week. As such, he brought everything “secretary girls” of the intermunicipal, “Thus, depending on their skills, they see such and such a service provider. » In fact, this event brings together elected officials and their business partners. He continues with a smile: “Stakeholders are of course here to make suggestions to us and us to negotiate this or that service, current or future. » If it is a place of business, it is also time for community representatives to talk to officials or make contacts. “Every day, when we have a problem, we never have the boss on the phone. He is often there.” To be precise, Claude Guichon must speak to two or three of them.

If we expect to meet experts working in photovoltaics, burying networks, fiber optics… there are also financiers like the Banque des Territoires, a local branch of the Caisse des dépôts and shipments. One of the representatives explains: “We finance municipal investments over 25, 40 or even 60 years. Elected officials often come up with the total cost of their project, the grant rate they hope to achieve, and what they want to know is how to finance the rest. And we are here to guide them. »

1. Aurel-54 Fair

Carrefour des Collectivités is also a means of keeping up to date with legislation. “For example, social action in favor of local public service agents has been mandatory since a 2007 law, but many municipalities offer nothing”, states Aurélie Descamps, responsible for animation and development at the National Committee for Social Action (Cnas). The society pays a contribution for each agent, who then has access to a number of offers in the form of solidarity, culture and leisure (50% discount on the entrance to the municipality’s swimming pool), loans (real estate, consumption…).

If there is business above all else, this crossroads is also the time when elected officials meet, meet, share their experiences and maintain their networks. It is therefore not surprising that 1,400 elected representatives from Marne and the Region have responded to the invitation.

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