Meta has spent 13 billion on the metaverse. Right now it looks like a bad copy of Wii Sports.

On October 28, 2021, everything changed in technology. No, we’re not talking about renaming Facebook Meta, but about unveiling what the company believes is the future: the Metaverse.

Back then we thought of it as a virtual world designed to spend more money on the Internet. And whether we like it or not, the big problem was that there was no way to access what was promised. However. Two days ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of “Horizon Worlds” in Spain and France, with what were supposed to be beautiful depictions of the Sagrada Familia and the Eiffel Tower.

The (current) metaverse is reminiscent of the 2006 Wii video games.. After the picture with the two monuments came the mockery. “Looks like Mark Zuckerberg saw Ready Player One and thought he could recreate this universe with MS Paint.” commented a Twitter user on the director’s presentation.

Another said, ironically, that it was “tragic that every airline and tourist economy in the world is on the verge of collapse now that Facebook has completely eliminated the need to travel”, referring to the fact that e.The Metaverse promised to fill us with unknown universes. with maximum immersion.


For Joshua Bailey, the good news is that he will be able to run it smoothly on his Pentium III.. The reality is that to date, Horizon Worlds, which is the most current representation that Facebook has given us of its idea of ​​the future, looks a lot more like Wii Sports’ Miis than the “world” and the possibilities they showed when they introduced Meta.

10 billion euros spent in 2021. 3 billion euros in 2022. Where did they go? That’s the big question to ask as we approach the year of the unveiling of the Facebook metaverse, seeing that so little has changed. We cannot give a clear answer to the question of why, with so much money, everything still seems to have been done in 2006, but without a sawtooth, but the truth is that the metaverse is not only what we see, but also how we sees it . And to get where Meta wants to go, it requires technology that doesn’t yet exist. To reach him and his equipment, there is only one way: spend and spend more.

Patience“Zuckerberg seems to be saying that the metaverse will be ‘exciting’ in 2030. The truth is that right now the metaverse smells like smoke. Or rather, technology has made it so. Because the concept is both old and interesting, and the hardware improvements since early Oculus development are very tangible.

Zuckerberg’s problem is that he wanted to sell us the house while it still has nothing close to the foundation. In 2015, it was possible to talk about foldable smartphones as smoke, because they were. What was learned about them were loose concepts and components, but they evolved and improved from generation to generation.

In 2004, if Steve Jobs had talked about the iPhone the way Zuckerberg talked about the metaverse, he would have been accused of more serious things. But in 2005 they were secretly at work in Cupertino. And in early 2007, they revealed it (miraculously). What happened next is history.

Unlike other revolutionary products, such as the iPhone or Android, the evolution of the metaverse is not a secret. It’s happening in real time, and it’s disappointing because the final product will take a long time to arrive, if at all.

The Metaverse is not real. The options are as follows.. Virtual reality is exciting enough in its current state that we should not rely on promises like those we see in Horizon Worlds, which are far from the best we can experience with the right hardware, which Meta is developing in the form of the Oculus Quest 2, for example. Not to mention campaigns like Rafa Nadal’s metaverse.

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Why so many long-term promises. Meta is a listed company, which before the name change (and after) is not in its best shape. The name change responded to the need to revitalize the public perception of the company, to orient it more toward a new era.

For this era, Facebook needs to be on the money, and it depends on investors and shareholders showing progress so they keep spending and taking big risks.

It is not certain that this at this time pseudo Metaverse isn’t convincing anyone (although virtual reality is ‘taking off’) and the progress of its virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) division, known as Facebook Reality Labs, is secretive. In all circumstances, the metaverse will face a possible recessionwhich has so far led to unemployment for 10,000 workers and possible layoffs. What looks promising can also end in ruins.

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The Significance of Horizon Worlds. If it looks so little like what was promised, it is hard to consider this strategy correct. But it is possible that it is, or that it is more correct than showing something unfinished. Horizon Worlds may look like a joke compared to what we’ve seen in the big metaverse event, but it’s palpable and it builds more or less successfully.

Thanks to this, Facebook can gradually introduce us to its idea of ​​a virtual universe. Manufacturers of foldable smartphones are finding a place for themselves, even if the experience leaves something to be desired in certain important respects. With something that is far from being a reality or delivering what was promised, presented very partially, the criticism would be fierce.

If Meta’s metaverse has a future, it’s now far from fun. Even in areas where it may already be a reality, such as telecommuting, the metaverse is neither comfortable nor productive.

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