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Find your used car online |

As an adventurer from Koh-Lanta in search of the coveted totem, your sense of challenge is certainly very keen, but the quest is great! Finding the right car for this start of the 2022 school year is not always an easy task. Cars are becoming rarer, delivery times for new cars are becoming longer and some models are becoming harder to find.

When new cars are wanted

The war in Ukraine, the semiconductor crisis, the consequences associated with Covid since 2020 have given rise to a difficult global context where the car is fighting as best it can. The production of new cars is affected by delivery times that are greatly extended and purchasing opportunities that are dwindling. In May 2022, new car sales in France fell by 10% compared to May 2021according to Ouest-France.

Sales of used cars boom

In 2021, the used car will be the sales star with its presence on the car market. So much so that the supply in 2022 also ends up drying up with sometimes less attractive prices. If the choice seems less diverse, many used cars online are eagerly waiting for their new owners.

Look differently for your used car online

In order to avert the curse of the cursed totem, we go on an adventure with you to turn the odds in your favor.

Simply start by searching for the make, model, fuel or other desired criteria to see availability. You can refine if you want in your department or region to find a car around your home. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, here are some ideas you may not have thought of yet!

Choose delivery of car

If the ads are missing in your geographic criteria, try expanding your search area to all of France. Some sellers offer car delivery at home or at your nearest dealer. Car delivery is booming.

Consider car rental

Also consider alternative services such as rent to buy. With LOA, you rent a new car for a certain number of months, and at the end of the term you choose whether you want to keep the vehicle or not.

Look differently for your used car

Take the time to ask yourself all the right questions to find the vehicle that suits you best. Have you considered choosing another brand for a similar model? Are you sure you are targeting the right fuel according to your driving habits? Do you know all the help available to you when buying a new vehicle?

With the used car search assistant, helps you find the car that meets your needs and driving habits.

Government website I’m changing my car also allows you to take stock of the use of your vehicle if it is in line with your driving habits. This simulator informs you about the support for the purchase of a car that you can claim.

Decrypt used car ads online

Get help finding your used car

When you have finally found the right ads, you can already decrypt the content. Take a closer look at the description of the vehicle, compare prices and offers. Please take the time to examine all of the images of the vehicle that are made available to you. If they are not detailed enough (views to all exterior sides, interior views, etc.), don’t hesitate to ask the seller to give you more. Some ads offer a virtual tour of the vehicle with a 360° panoramic view.

See the car’s history report

You can view the vehicle history report. This online service makes it possible to check the vehicle’s reliability through a detailed report on its use since it was put into service.

Prioritize the test drive

We recommend favoring face-to-face visits whenever possible when buying a used car. This allows you to more easily trade with the seller and especially try out the vehicle. Despite very interesting technological improvements to observe the car from a distance, nothing replaces the test drive!

Get help finding your used vehicle

Get help finding your used car

Despite a reduced supply for the start of the 2022 school year, there are still many options for used cars for sale on automotive classifieds sites, whether through a private seller or an automotive professional.

Buying a used car: individual vs professional

This choice is yours! During a person-to-person sale, the price of the vehicle is generally more attractive because the transaction is completed without an intermediary.

However, be careful, unfortunately many car sales scams are regularly complained about and the victims are still too many. Find some tips for avoid fraud when buying a car.

Also allow time to manage the various administrative procedures required to legally become the new owner of the vehicle.

Garages, car dealers, agents

Buying a car from a car professional will be more expensive, but will save you time and secure the transaction of funds. You buy a guaranteed and verified vehicle and you avoid the hassle of administrative procedures!

Calling qualified automotive professionals can also advise you in your research, introduce you to vehicles and offer you a similar vehicle that may be suitable for you if you can’t find the right one for you. Do not hesitate to make an appointment.

Pamper your used car

Car Staging: Restoring value to your used car

If you want to change your current car, but you can’t find the ideal option, you can also wait a bit and use this time to maintain your car and give it a facelift if necessary. Do you know Car Staging? Become Stéphane Plaza in the car and discover the various tips to maintain your car as well as possible.

Also, stay alert by subscribing to emails that will inform you of new opportunities for you to seize. You can also check the price of your used car in real time on the vehicle market by estimating its car valuation for free.

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