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Sometimes renovating and decorating can be quite stressful. Especially if you go into it blindly without doing the necessary research. If you’re doing this on a tight budget, just know that you can have your dream bathroom if you’re careful! Don’t settle for the first things you see just because they’re cheap. Search and find what suits you best in terms of trendy bathroom furniture 2022!

Which bathroom furniture trend 2022 should you choose?

It’s time to renovate the bathroom! You’ve already thought about the important details like bathroom tiles and of course the sink! But what about the rest? Here is a list of furniture to choose from. Here we prioritize practicality and durability, where fashion comes second. Also, since the DeaVita team consists of a bunch of cheap skates, we’ll help you find a cheaper way to renovate the bathroom and decorate it nicely. So let’s talk about the trendy bathroom furniture 2022!

Bathroom sink cabinet

Bathroom sink cabinet

The laundry room is important! If you don’t have it yet, chances are your space is pretty limited. Regardless of whether you take a suspended model, which leaves more free space, or a large model, you will have much more space. If you need it, go to the flea market or Emmaüs or try your luck with the new IKEA bathroom collection!

Trendy decorative mirror 2022

bathroom mirror trends 2022

The mirror is the focal point of the room and you will probably spend the most time staring at your reflection! Then you have to think about its size! Even if your bathroom is quite small, you don’t want a miniature mirror where you have a hard time seeing your full figure! However, it is very important to get a bathroom cabinet for more storage. It is convenient and often cheaper.

Bathroom wall shelves

bathroom wall shelf

If you’re really not a fan of closed furniture, then wall shelves are for you! Not only is it an additional decoration, blessed with your personal touch, but it is also easier to use. You don’t have to close and hide everything when you can just reach out and take it!

bathroom column

cheap bathroom column

The column is absolutely fantastic and is ideal for small spaces as it provides much more free storage space. It is very functional and you can decorate it beautifully!

Trendy bathroom furniture 2022: stool

bathroom stool

There isn’t much furniture you can put away as most of our bathrooms are quite small! But here’s a tip: why not take the old stool, clean it, paint it and use it as a coffee table to put your magazines, books, plants or candles on? It’s vintage, you won’t spend a dime, and you’ll save even more space!

Some inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas

budget makeover in the bathroom

Want to do a budget bathroom makeover? We are here ! Here are some tips for successfully decorating the room without breaking the bank!

  • For flooring. Do not choose laminate, it is not a good idea because you will get damage due to moisture.
  • Bath curtain and bath mat. Did you know that a trendy shower curtain can transform the entire room? In the same way, a bath mat will give the room a particularly cozy look.
  • A small shelf. If your budget allows, you can install a small shelf above the toilet or under the mirror and store your soap, toilet paper and other toiletries there.
  • Plant. If you have extra space and more plants than you can handle in the living room and bedroom … put some in the bathroom! There are specific plants for the bathroom that tolerate moisture and darker rooms very well.

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