7 great ideas to steal to optimize a limited gourmet piece!

If the small kitchens in U or L offer a good organization of the space, the limited surface does not always rhyme with optimized interior design and furnishing. Here are some Ikea design ideas to make the most of the small space kitchen and turn it into a welcoming, friendly and warm cocoon.

7 layout and decoration ideas to invite into the small space kitchen

Even when you live in a small space, you want a practical and aesthetic kitchen. A gourmet room where you can spend warm moments with the family around a good sociable meal. To succeed in this gamble, which is quite daring in terms of layout, the best solution remains to play on modularity and retraction without trying to have a fixed environment. Here are 7 models of kitchenettes to inspire you!

Small space kitchen with central island

small space kitchen with island design ikea deco plan layout tip model 2022

Do you want to decorate or renew the gourmet room, but do not know how to optimize the space in a small kitchen? Do it twice by replacing the dining area with a central island with an integrated table (or bar)! An essential element in the design of an open kitchen, it is a fantastic functional piece of furniture that can be installed in both small apartments and family homes to guarantee you an incredible space saving and a very aesthetic highlight.

Small kitchen with extendable dining area

furniture kitchen table small space modern retractable design 2022

Very popular over the years the eighties and the nineties, the small pull-out kitchen is back in 2022! Why do we love him so much? As well as being compact enough to fit in a cupboard, it concentrates all the main functions of a professional kitchen. Equipped with a retractable dining area, the 2022 kitchenette comes in a wide range of finishes and accessories, such as a spotless white splashback and ultra-practical and almost invisible storage spaces.

Small closed U-shaped kitchen

small u shaped kitchen design trends 2022 ikea small closed kitchen plan

How do you save space in a small closed kitchen? Depending on the size of the equipment to be stored, the U-shaped kitchen, which has three sides, can quickly appear cluttered. The winning duo of white and light wood works wonders in limited areas. The extra touch? Elements in black. A sink, white goods, a bar stool or a chalkboard to write down your daily tasks. Original and economical, this decorative idea will please the whole household. Drawing on the walls becomes possible and even a decorative asset in itself that will amaze young and old.

Corner kitchen optimized for small space

decorating kitchen furniture small corner space modern design 2022

It can be interesting to arrange the gourmet room in one of the corners of the living room, as here. In this case, the difficulty lies in imagining the turn so as not to lose square meters. So bet on kitchen furniture of the “magic corner” type. In addition, preferably have the sink on one side and the plates on the other, so that they are not too close, for safety reasons. to arrange an open kitchen, consider installing a bar dining area.

Small space layout: XS kitchen with dining area

Small kitchen dining area layout

In this study, the kitchen catches our attention with its pastel colors and optimized design. The trick lies in a semi-open structure that provides a light wood dining area that isolates the kitchen while leaving it accessible. Kitchen furniture, rarely seen, allows you to organize the room well and save space. Innovative and effective! To preserve the brightness, you can only color the low furniture, while keeping the white high furniture.

Small space kitchen in gray

small kitchen model small room in gray l design ikea 2022

In the main room of the house, the kitchen, the choice of color should not be neglected. Bright shades, such as red, tend to overwhelm the decor and can quickly fill the room. That’s why we prefer a discreet and easy-to-handle color like grey! On the furniture, the gray color gives volume to the gourmet room. To spice it all up, on the floor, choose patterned cement tile effect tiles.

Small space white kitchen

white kitchen plan small room design ikea deco furniture layout

Among the timeless colors in the kitchen, white and black are always on the way. Both bright and connoted with a certain cleanliness, the white kitchen seduces with its minimalist style, its simple character, able to adapt to all wishes. Rustic or modern, white is suitable everywhere and is perfect for limited surfaces. In addition, it goes perfectly with a wide range of modern materials, including wood and aluminium.

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