The Institute of Seine-et-Marne trains students in the correct use of mobile phones

Jean-François Parigi and elected officials from the department discussed the dangers of digital technology at the start of the school year with students from Le Luzard college in Noisiel. ©Laura Bourven/La Marne

Meaux, La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, Provins and Noisiel. On Thursday 1 September, back to the school day for 85,000 Seine-et-Marne university students, Jean-François Parigi, president of the Seine-et-Marne departmental council, visited the colleges. The purpose of these visits: to start making young people aware of the theme chosen by the institute this year, the dangers of digital.

We have given a theme for this school year 2022-2023. For this new school year, we wanted to focus on an issue that concerns all young people. Our priority will always be to protect our middle school students. Last year it was bullying. Today we continue to talk about it with the elected representatives of the territory.

Jean-François Parigi, chairman of the department

School bullying will still be mentioned this year, but with an important notion: the role of digital and mobile phones. “Since this morning I have been going around the high schools and I have made an observation. In Meaux, as in Noisiel, 90% of 6th graders have a laptop. It is a fantastic tool, but it contains many dangers”.

“Connected, it’s up to you to filter”

In collaboration with the illustrator Matthew Persianwho is particularly known for having produced the poster for the ALPHA mission by Thomas Pesquet, and in collaboration with National Education, the institute therefore carried out an educational campaign to raise awareness among high school students about the use of screens and the correct use of digital tools.

In this direction, a flyer will be distributed to all college students with the slogan, “Connected, it’s up to you to filter,” on a poster that leaves no one indifferent. We see several teenagers with their heads riveted to their phones, but with a funnel over them. In it are the logos of the most famous platforms such as Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp

“Through this poster I wanted to show need to filter information received from the Internet and social networks. Since the web is a loosely regulated place, much of the information that circulates is false. The consequences, which we see every day, can be catastrophic,” explains illustrator Mathieu Persan.


Through this new campaign, it is the department’s aim to provide middle school students with the necessary tools and resources developing skills that enable them to identify the dangers of the web and become actors in their own and others’ safety.

Videos: currently on Actu

The department also wants to get closer to professionals working in colleges to discuss overexposure of children to screens especially through conferences. Of workshops will also be organized throughout the year to make students aware of “fair and reasonable use of mobile phones”, clarifies Jean-François Parigi.

Further, about fifteen stem from media and information education (EMI) will be made available in the documentation and information centers (CDI) of the different colleges in Seine-et-Marne. These kits, consisting of books or movies, prepare middle school students for their digital citizenship.

Other tools are offered by the department in collaboration with National Education: the Myclasse77 and Mystage77 platforms or even the career researcher. In addition, the department equips several high schools with equipment create web radios and media studio to develop students’ skills and equip them to deal with the dissemination of information.

Twelve brokers, “good friends to make in college”

As part of the fight against school bullying and against cyberbullying in connection with the new digitally oriented campaign, the institute has recruited 12 school climate mediators during the summer. These mediators were assigned to 12 high schools in the department, each in a district, according to the division of National Education, at the beginning of the school year.

Goal: carry out preventive measures and intervention in conflict management around and within the colleges in the territory. “The mediator is the good friend to have in college. He is someone outside the system that we can confide in,” continues the president of the Department of Seine-et-Marne.

These mediators have been trained in non-violent communication through various actors (internal, the Mediation Association of France, CNFPT, SDIS) and benefit from continuous training. On the program: safety in digital use, conflict management, understanding and identifying harassment situations, managing a school mediation project, secularism, young people and their relationship with authority, first aid training, etc. The year 2022/2023 will be a year of experiments for this brigade of mediators.

Finally, the department wants to develop trusted rooms at high schools. This room, created at the Gérard Philippe middle school in Villeparisis in September 2021, is intended to be a neutral place where middle school students can meet and discuss their difficulties with other students.

The goal : free the floor so that parents and educational teams can help them as best as possible. These premises will be is created automatically when a new college is created in the department and are brought to establish themselves in the already existing establishments.

The next trust space will be created in January 2023 in a secondary school in Bussy-Saint-Georges.

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