Orange Tunisia reveals the 3 winners of the Orange Africa & Middle East Social Venture Prize

Orange Tunisia reveals the 3 winners of the Orange Africa & Middle East Social Venture Prize – Tunisia 2022 Edition

For the 12thth year in a row, Orange Tunisie revealed on Thursday 1eh September, the 3 Tunisian winners of the Orange Prize for Social Entrepreneurs (POESAM) among 6 finalist entrepreneurs. This year, the call for applications brought together 90 innovative projects based on ICT, which fully illustrate the potential of telecommunications in the development of the country and make it possible to improve the living conditions of the population in such diverse areas as education, health, agriculture, energy, transport, environment or even services. The 3 winners are thus qualified to participate in the big international final and compete with those from the other African and Middle Eastern countries where the Orange Group is present, i.e. a total of 51 candidates. The award ceremony took place at The DOT, the digital innovation centre.

For this 12th edition of POESAM, the 6 finalist entrepreneurs in the competition who pitched are:

  • Prices Belgium, with his project The truck (RetailTech), offers a mobile platform that connects fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers with small retailers. It allows small retailers to get their inventory at once, with just one click and with free delivery in less than 24 hours. The mobile B2B platform offers retailers products at competitive prices and provides them with decision support tools through business intelligence reports.
  • Wafa Dhifi and Anis Fekih, with their project Pixii engines (Energy & Environment) offers a solution at the heart of the SDGs, which consists of designing, producing and marketing an electric scooter that combines autonomy, performance and design, and that complies with international standards, thanks to environmentally friendly components. .
  • Imen Hbriri, with RoboCare (Agritech), a solution that optimizes the use of water, fertilizers and pesticides for large farmers to improve the performance of their farms and their daily lives. Thanks to different methods of observation (satellites, drones, IoT) linked to decision support tools (available in the form of web and mobile applications), RoboCare helps to prevent the early spread of plant diseases.
  • Adam Abdelmoula, with his project Share (Transportation), a carpooling application whose goal is to offer alternative transportation to everyone, to facilitate their daily life by reducing time but also transportation costs. This application also allows for short-distance (intra-urban) or long-distance (inter-urban) carpooling. Split connects drivers who want to share their journey with people looking for a journey as a passenger. The calculation of the rates is done through an algorithm which is based on the car’s consumption to achieve a legal cost sharing system.
  • Ahmed Slim Bouakez, with his project WaterSec (Water), a connected IoT solution that allows you to avoid wasting water, monitor your water consumption in real time and thus achieve maximum savings on your bill. Thanks to an application, the consumer can benefit from interactive visualization, reporting and a notification service if the recommended threshold value is exceeded.
  • Mohamed Khedher, with his project yoteqi (EnterpriseTech), offers a technological, contactless and ecological alternative to business cards. Yoteqi makes it safe to expand your network, nurture new relationships and create instant digital connections.

These finalists presented all their projects to a high-quality jury consisting of:

  • Thierry Millet : Orange Tunisia
  • Zeineb Messaoud : DOT
  • Amel Saidane : Betacube
  • Mehdi Fathallah : UNDP Tunisia
  • Wafa Makhlouf : CEED Tunisia
  • Walid Triki : Flat6Labs Tunis

and guests from the world of media and the field of entrepreneurship and CSR in Tunisia.

After the jury’s consideration, the 3 winners who were awarded are:

  1. mohamed khedher1eh price for his project yoteqi
  2. Fares Belgium2th prize for his project The truck
  3. Ahmed Slim Bouakez3th prize for his project WaterSec

They will each win 15,000DT, 10,000DT and 5,000DT and will benefit from tailored support from Orange Tunisia, especially within the framework of its innovation program at the Orange Digital Center (Lac1). The 3 winners therefore qualify for the International Grand Final to hope to win the equivalent of €25,000, €15,000 or €10,000 and why not in addition the prize money for the Women’s Prize (equivalent to €20,000) which rewards either a woman or a project that proposes a technological solution to improve women’s living conditions. In addition, they will be able to follow a 6-month support program by professionals in the field of setting up and financing young companies. Note that the international award ceremony will take place in November during the AfricaCom Awards in Cape Town (South Africa).

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